Bristol-based indie rock trio Daughter has released their latest single, “Swim Back,” which serves as the third single from the band in the lead-up to their forthcoming album Stereo Mind Game.

With enchanting glassy synths over a driving breakbeat, “Swim Back” is potentially one of the more uplifting-sounding tracks in Daughter’s repertoire. A straightforward yet pumping bass line propels the song forward while also providing a solid foundation. Frontwoman Elena Tonra’s light and airy vocals dance overtop of the lush landscape of sounds.

“I have you in the pictures / I’ve held you in the plan / I’d just need to erase distance / Find a hole in the ocean / Swim backwards,” Tonra sings.

Accompanying the song is a dreamy video directed by Tiff Pritchett. Pritchett previously directed videos for the band’s prior two tracks, “Be On Your Way” and “Party.”

Daughter’s third full-length album, Stereo Mind Game, will be released on April 7 via Glassnote Records.

Run Time: 4:34
Release Date: February 27, 2023
Record Label: Glassnote Records