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Gianfranco Juxtaposes Happy and Sad in New Single “Clownspunk”

Gianfranco Pescetti’s newest release, “Clownspunk,” has a psychedelic feel and a gradual build that makes the electronic instrumental single very intriguing.



Gianfranco Pescetti

On February 20th, Gianfranco Pescetti released his electronic ambient house single “Clownspunk.” This is the second single released from his upcoming album this Fall.

Pescetti masterfully created a piece that is simultaneously danceable and cinematic. Inspired by the juxtaposing happy and sad feelings of a clown, “Clownspunk” has a psychedelic feel and a gradual build that makes it very intriguing. Pescetti says that “I feel that clowns and the circus have an energy that’s both light and dark at once.” As part of his collection of new music, Gianfranco Pescetti has been leaning towards instrumental atmospheric electronica with a dance vibe and interspersed elements of modern indie rock.

Gianfranco Pescetti is a bass player, composer, and producer living on the island of Maui. He moved to San Francisco in 1988 to a vibrant music scene and played bass guitar in several bands, most notably in Alfred, which he formed with cellist Zoe Keating and singer/guitar player Jane Woodman.

After playing with his last band, 14 Mission, he recorded his first album, Love is Rain, in 2014. After a hiatus from music, during which he went back to college to get a degree in Landscape Architecture, he returned in 2023 with the new single “Sundog” and a new album scheduled to release this Fall.

"Clownspunk" by Gianfranco Pescetti

“Clownspunk” by Gianfranco Pescetti