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Enjoy the Premiere of Ghost Love’s “Iconic” New Synth-Pop Single

Ghost Love are putting the ’80s back into synth-pop, as you’ll discover on their brand-new, vintage, retro-inspired single, “Iconic.”



Ghost Love, photo by Richmond Lam

Ghost Love are putting the ’80s back into synth-pop, as you’ll discover on their latest single, “Iconic.” The brand-new track is laden with that vintage, retro-inspired, synth-pop sound that has made such a huge comeback in recent years.

The song turns back the clock to a purer, more authentic time when the genre was still being fleshed out in the clubs and on the radio. It’s both moody and inspiring, conjuring up memories of ’80s Depeche Mode, Slowdive, and Bronski Beat. Lead singer David Rancourt’s vocals really soar to new heights as he pays tribute to the people we hold in high regard. It’s nicely rounded out by the driving electronic beat and drum machine grooves that help give this song a big, bold sound.

In discussing “Iconic” and its intense, personal significance to him, Rancourt tells us:

“‘Iconic’ is meditation and reflection on how we remember people after they are gone. Lyrically, it was inspired by the dreams I was having of my mother after she passed away and the conversations we were having where we seemed to communicate without using words. She felt very close and far at the same time and it was an emotion I had never felt before. It was a very cathartic and emotional release for me to write this song, probably the most intense of any song I have ever written.

“It’s a song where I wanted to tell her that she would never be forgotten but it’s also a bit of a reflection on the myths we construct for ourselves after someone passes. I think we tend to create these myths and storytelling about people as a part of the healing process and I think they are an important way to deal with grief.”

Joining Rancourt within Ghost Love is bassist and synth specialist Antoine Rochette and guitarist Justin Metcalfe. Rancourt and Rochette have been lifelong friends, while they found Metcalfe through a Craigslist “musician wanted” ad. Metcalfe fit in seamlessly, sharing the same affection for ’80s synth-pop and classic alternative music.

There’s a healthy balance within their sound between pop and experimental music, with the band clever to never go too far to one extreme or the other. It’s all finely balanced, with emotion playing an important role in their new spat of songs. Rancourt’s mother’s passing greatly influenced the band’s songwriting, with an undercurrent of grief weaving through most of their new material. But within that grief is a high degree of inspiration and perseverance, a grit and determination, and a belief in the power of music.

Ghost Love “Iconic” single artwork

Ghost Love “Iconic” single artwork