Post-punk art-rock collective Cosmopolis recently released their new single, “Parasite,” a song contrasting beautiful instrumentation with disquieting lyrics.

Frontman Gavin Kendall explains, “On the surface, this is a tale of obsession and a dysfunctional relationship, but it’s never clear if the parasite is the external malevolent presence or the internal self-destructive urge. Maybe it’s both at the same time. And maybe living in Australia, I see the dark side of nature, so it seemed like a good way to approach obsession and self-destruction.”

Made up of members from around the world, including Belgium, Australia, and England, Cosmopolis is Gavin Kendall (vocals, keyboards, guitars), Nicholas Platten (guitar, bass, keyboards), and David Hussey (drums, percussion).

The band’s name – Cosmopolis – was inspired by the European literary magazine published in Berlin, St. Petersburg, Paris, and London during the 1890s.

Beginning with a dark, dramatic intro, “Parasite” flows into a measured rhythm topped by echoing leitmotifs, revealing both sparkling inflections and deep, resonant layering. Kendall’s soft, ghostlike vocals imbue the lyrics with plaintive timbres. The outro slowly escalates to exquisite interweaving, wraithlike surfaces.

Simultaneously elegant and heavy with gloominess, with “Parasite,” Cosmopolis evokes an aching exegesis of brooding compulsion.


Run Time: 4:20
Release Date: March 3, 2023
Record Label: Independent