Los Angeles-based alt-rock outfit Centershift introduces their latest single/music video, “Fade Away,” a track from their recently released album, A Different Shade of Color, reflecting a journey to sobriety.

According to vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford, “‘Fade Away’ is an expression of the trials of breaking away from things in life that control you, whether it be Chemical, Mental, Physical, anything but feeling drawn back in. In growth, there are times of feeling completely alone, in that, we are able to look inside ourselves.”

Centershift comprises Radford (guitar, vocals), formerly of Onesidezero, Mike Tarabotto (drums), Ted Wenri (bass), and Shane Stuber (guitar). The band’s sound reveals the muscle of heavy rock, along with Radford’s mobile voice, ranging from snarling, rasping tones to softer, melodic timbres.

“Fade Away” opens on Radford’s tender vocals atop a gentle yet potent rhythm supporting low-slung, platinum guitars with sparkling accents. On the chorus, the harmonics mousse up to heavier guitars, giving the tune subdued, growling heft. As Radford’s vocals elevate, intensely passionate textures reveal his inner angst.

A sensitive outro features an elegantly austere piano and Storace’s finessed drumming, bathing the closing bars in light, fluid tendrils of colour.

There’s an inarticulate sadness hovering over “Fade Away,” conveying a profound array of emotions, including regret and the ache of unease.


Run Time: 3:53
Release Date: March 10, 2023
Record Label: Auspicious Recordings