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Apoorva Releases Her Newest Single, “Phoenix Unbound”

Apoorva takes listeners on a transformative journey in her new single “Phoenix Unbound,” a perfect blend of R&B, soul, and new age.




Phoenix Unbound” was two years of hard work in the making for R&B and soul artist Apoorva. With her main objective being to seamlessly blend R&B, soul, and new age, Apoorva successfully crafted the song to beautifully and eloquently showcase the story behind the lyrics. A song about renewal, “Phoenix Unbound,” is meant to transform listeners and inspire them to achieve their fullest potential.

Apoorva wrote “Phoenix Unbound” during the global pandemic when the world was shut down, and everyone was forced into isolation. Determined to find the silver lining, Apoorva used her isolated time for self-improvement and growth. With vivid imagination, she visualized herself as a phoenix being reborn stronger and more radiant than ever. The idea of the Phoenix resonated deeply with Apoorva, and it became the inspiration for the entire song. In true symbolic fashion, Apoorva wants the song to ignite a fire under her listeners that motivates them to go beyond their comfort zone.

Apoorva comments:

“Life is full of endless possibilities. When life is looking bleak, remember that there are a million different ways things can happen and its still possible that things can turn out the way you want it to.”

Apoorva is an Indian-American musician whose name means “never before” in Sanskrit. Seeing as Indians in the American music scene is a rarity, Apoorva set out to represent all people who feel like outsiders with her soulful R&B music. She aims to make her listeners feel that, much like her, they belong too. Although music has always been in Apoorva’s blood, it wasn’t always the path she pursued.

It wasn’t until after she was accepted into a post-baccalaureate program at a prestigious university that she realized her childhood dream of becoming a professional singer had been buried due to social pressure and fears. It was then that she decided to pursue music full-time. Apoorva draws her influences from Enya‘s ethereal artistry and Sade‘s sultry beckoning voice. She brings a new edge to the genres of R&B and soul by incorporating new-age elements into them. Hitting the music scene with a new and authentic genre, Apoorva hopes to take her audience on a harmonious listening experience.

Photo by Autumn Stein of Autumn Layne Photography.

Photo by Autumn Stein of Autumn Layne Photography.