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You’re “Better Off” Watching nonetheless’ New Music Video Premiere

Time to check out the pop-core duo nonetheless’ horror-themed music video for their latest single “Better Off,” an indie-pop banger that’s just perfect for the radio!



nonetheless, photo by Chris Wright

We’re often guided by the doctrine of “what decision or option am I going to be better off making.” But in the end, that choice is often the one in which we are worse off. Well, let us make one decision where you’ll be better off, and that’s checking out pop-core duo nonetheless’ new music video for their latest single “Better Off.” This is one of those indie pop bangers that’s just perfect for the radio, and it comes with a horror-themed video clip that was inspired by a personal experience that singer Brenden Worthington had with a friend.

In Worthington’s view, we are all raised to believe that we are almost always better off in the situation that we are currently in, and we shouldn’t take risks by changing our lives or our circumstances. This only results in people continuing to maintain unhealthy relationships, with spouses, friends, even co-workers, and it precludes us from growing or feeling good. “Better Off” advocates for eliminating those bad influences from your life, and focusing on your own happiness.

The video clip is quite a production and adds a whole new layer to the song. Explaining the filming process, guitarist Taylor Spain shares:

“Of course we decided to film at the beginning of the year, in Colorado, during record temperature lows, that’s our style. But despite all of that the team at altr. brought vision and life to the song in a way we could’ve only hoped for. The only reason we pulled it off was their team being brilliant. We’ve been freezing and sweating for music videos for a long time and know that the days are long and repetitive, but this one was honestly so fun we didn’t care. We ended up putting our own spin on the story by adding the thriller element to it. Any chance we get to play characters that have a life of their own is too much fun for us.”

altr. is a highly respected, Denver-based creative agency that has overseen dazzling videos for DeEtta Jain and One Flew West. There’s an anti-Valentine’s Day vibe to the clip, which is obviously meant to coincide with Valentine’s Day coming up next week.

nonetheless have come a long way in a very short time. They formed during the pandemic-related lockdown and didn’t release their first single “Silhouettes” until this past October. Their music is guided by emotion, but don’t mistake this duo for being soft. Their songs are catchy and guitar-driven, while their live show is bold and lively.

One thing you’ll be ‘better off’ doing is closely following this exciting new duo.

Artwork for the single “Better Off” by nonetheless