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Gorgeous Dykes Premiere the Video for Their Groove-filled Single, “Aine’s Gate”

Delivering grooves and then some, electronic duo Gorgeous Dykes debut their music video for the single “Aine’s Gate.”



Gorgeous Dykes, photo by Ana Ayon and Lucy Bayne

If grooves are what you are after, then you’ve arrived, my friend… You’ve arrived in the world of Gorgeous Dykes, an exciting new electronic duo who today are debuting their brand new music video for “Aine’s Gate.” This is your first sampling of what will come on their forthcoming EP In the Meantime, which they plan to have ready and released soon enough.

With airy, celestial synths, laid-back house beats, and a psychedelic spirit, the song aims to please. It’s a mishmash of styles and musical goals, an electronic pop sound, with funky bass lines, and movement-inspiring guitar riffs. This is who Gorgeous Dykes are as musicians, a sound representative of what they themselves like to listen to.

Discussing “Aine’s Gate” and the EP in which you’ll find it on, the duo tells us:

“This is the lead single off our upcoming EP. Our sounds are meant to be otherworldly and paradisiacal, allowing the listener to feel transported and soothed while also providing a strong and danceable beat.

“This single and the EP are about wanting more out of life, mainly wanting to achieve our dream of finding a place where we can truly feel at home. Until then, we have created a fantasy fairy world through our sound and visuals where we go to create music and escape the dull monotony of every-day life.”

Funnily enough, for such club-ready music, the two halves of Gorgeous Dykes, Ana Ayon and Lucy Bayne consider themselves to be quite the introverts. There’s a certain anonymity that exists within the electronic music scene, and Ayon and Bayne have taken full advantage of that, creating inspiring and dreamy club beats, while pulling all-nighters at home, and letting their music do the talking. There’s an escapist tone to both the music and their lyrics, which is at least partially motivated by mahou shoujo anime, also known as “magical girl.”

Since they began recording as Gorgeous Dykes in Los Angeles about five years ago, Ayon and Bayne have really grown as songwriters. They first experimented with house and post-punk, before their sound settled into more of a fusion between house, funk, and techno. They are both very proficient with synths, guitars, and bass and these skills and experiences have enabled them to become one of the more exhilarating young electronic acts out there.

Artwork for the single “Aine’s Gate” by Gorgeous Dykes, cover by Ana Ayon and Lucy Bayne