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The Peregrine Dives Premiere Their Essential New Single “Left On Massard”

The Peregrine Dives was recently formed, but they are already firing on all cylinders on their new single “Left On Massard” from their debut full-length ‘Crossroads & Ghosts.’



To sound seasoned and experienced while being a brand new musical entity is no small feat, but The Peregrine Dives have accomplished this tall task. The band was recently formed, but they are already firing on all cylinders on their new single “Left On Massard” from their debut full-length Crossroads & Ghosts.

The song is a polished, crisp mix of new-wave era rock and post-punk revival, with a little bit of modern goth, topped off by the commanding vocal presence of singer and guitarist John Lankford. The impressive Lankford has a unique vocal style that combines old and new, which may remind you a little bit of the great Paul Banks, lead vocalist and guitarist of Interpol. The equally capable William Skoff joins him on bass and Mark Ogg on drums, making this a formidable three-piece that knows just the kind of sound and feel that they are going for.

Telling us more about the song and its motivations and inspirations, Lankford shares:

“‘Left on Massard’ is the cornerstone on which this band was built. The song evokes a memory from just before I left home for good. When from my car I saw a guy looking out into the night as if he had wasted decades, I vowed I would never forget it or become that person. The dirty fuzz and harmonies of the guitars and the sound effects perfectly capture the mood of that rotten August night.

“For us, the song serves as a beacon from the past, challenging the three of us to make good on promises to ourselves. It goads the listener into being impulsive. I feel like I can ask the same question of anyone who hears ‘Left on Massard;’ what’s your purpose NOW?”

Due out next month, Crossroads & Ghosts attempts to untangle one of life’s great struggles, going your own way while also navigating and dancing around the obstacles that inevitably come your way. Many of Lankford’s lyrics allude to the deeper emotions connected with personal hardship, but along the way is a defiance, a commitment to stay in control and ensure that you get back to being the best you can be.

With the band forming right at the beginning of the global pandemic, it’s lent a certain survivalist undertone to this record. As a whole, Crossroads & Ghosts feels tailor-made to the realities of today, with songs that will be sure to resonate with listeners as they continue to feel out what our modern world is evolving towards. The overall message is one of optimism, an affirmation that life will reward action, and when the going gets tough, take the bull by the horns, dive right in, and look forward to your best days being ahead of you.

Artwork for the album ‘Crossroads & Ghosts’ by The Peregrine Dives