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Gayance Shares Single “Clout Chaser’s Anthem” feat Hua-Li & Janette King

Gayance will release her first full-length album ‘Mascarade’ on Rhythm Section INTL and today drops the second single, “Clout Chaser’s Anthem” feat Hua-Li and Janette King.



Gayance will digitally and physically release her first full-length album Mascarade on Rhythm Section INTL on March 3rd, 2023, and today drops the second single, “Clout Chaser’s Anthem,” feat Hua-Li and Janette King. Mascarade is a collection of broken rhythms, interwoven with heartfelt stories and joyful melodies that move between poetic, soulful odes to the past, accounts of the Afro-diasporic, feminine experience and playfully energetic, dance floor grooves.

Gayance comments:

“It’s the story of my 20’s. I pay homage to this kid everybody knew, but not deeply. It’s about retrieving a power that has always been mine, making peace with the past and moving forward.”

For “Clout Chaser’s Anthem,” Gayance teams up with Janette King, an R&B singer-songwriter and Hua Li, an underground forerunner in the Montreal rap scene. The friends, producers, vocalists and multi-instrumentalists came together at a PHI Residency in St-Adèle, Québec, to make intricate, laid-back, jazz, house and bruk rhythms.

Gayance adds:

“Creating ‘Clout Chaser’s Anthem’ was a great release. We were drinking natural wine and eating a special kind of chocolate, and I shared some experiences I’ve had with men. There was a moment in my life where I thought I was at service to people and I shouldn’t receive love and affection in return.”

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