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Bridal Party Premiere Their Chilled-Out New Single, “Baby Anymore”

Bridal Party premiere their new single “Baby Anymore,” which arrives ahead of the release of their sophomore full-length ‘Cool Down’ on February 15th.



Communication is the key is one of the most common, longstanding cliches you’ll ever hear about any relationship, but it’s one that will always have lots of merit attached to it. Because what’s left unsaid is never just left unsaid…

This is all at issue in Bridal Party’s brand new single “Baby Anymore,” which arrives ahead of the release of their sophomore full-length Cool Down on February 15th. Right from the top of the track, when vocalist Suzannah Raudaschl mentions breaking all the dishes and putting them back together, you get a pretty good sense of where the band is going with all of this. A certain sense of restlessness often manifests itself within a relationship, no matter how good things seem to be going, and this song addresses those hard feelings that start to take shape.

Explaining the song, Raudaschl says:

“‘Baby Anymore’ is about going through a rough patch with your lover. When things are so comfortable you start to feel restless and bottled up desires are turning to resentment. It asks what’s left if everything tying you together starts to unravel.”

This single is a nice preview of what’s coming on Cool Down, which will include ten new tracks of nice, chilled-out grooves and hooks. Raudaschl was inspired to write “Baby Anymore” when the band happened to be listening to a lot of Stereolab’s classic 1997 record Dots and Loops. They wanted to work out a similar chilled vibe but one that would fit within their own musical framework.

Within this “vibe,” Raudaschl composed lyrics that spoke to her about being good at showing affection for someone but at the same time feeling agitated with the same old tired routine. Bridal Party is a stylistically vibrant and fun band, and they will prove it big time on this upcoming record.

Cool Down Track Listing:

1. Afterthought
2. Pool
3. Cool Down
4. Complicated
5. Baby Anymore
6. Just Forgetting
7. Daydream
8. Just A Habit
9. Close To You
10. Strange To Me

Artwork for the album ‘Cool Down’ by Bridal Party