It’s amazing what you can come up with when you have a little time, freedom, creative focus and inspiration to move you forward. That was the case with Ian Miller when he was stuck in lockdown and had to find some way to pass the time productively.

Well, under the project name Interesting Times Gang, Miller is set to release the new full-length The Spirit of Science Fiction on November 18th via Pax Aeternum. The new single from that collection is “Rashomon,” a down-and-dirty, electronic, industrial rock extravaganza that moves with an unsettling, infectious, intoxicating urgency that is a good sampling of the diversity of sounds you’ll find on this new record.

Discussing the song and his intentions behind it, Miller states:

“‘Rashomon’ is ITG at its grimiest. Like everything I do, it’s an homage to those gnarly Bomb Squad productions I grew up with, but with a healthy dose of El-P thrown in. I was trying to capture that claustrophobic, paranoid vibe he threw down on his Cancer 4 Cure album. ‘Rashomon’ is unrelenting and ugly, which in a lot of ways makes it a fitting soundtrack to what we’re all living through right now.”

Miller is well known and well regarded for his work with Kowloon Walled City, Less Art, Redemption 87, and Skankin’ Pickle. Interesting Times Gang is more of a bedroom project that blossomed into something more as he continued to develop it on his own time during the pandemic-related lockdowns. Miller performed, recorded, and mixed every aspect of the 13 songs you’ll find on The Spirit of Science Fiction, with sounds ranging from downtempo, to breaks, to big beat.

ITG became Miller’s outlet when he had nothing else to turn down, and it worked out well, considering that he always had a thing for electronic and beat-based music but never had the opportunity to flesh all of that out. The studio turned out to be Miller’s sanctuary or safe place, and it has now become something of a full-time passion for him, with lots more Interesting Times Gang recordings on the way.

Artwork for the album ‘The Spirit of Science Fiction’ by Interesting Times Gang