Non-binary, lo-fi, Gothic artist GEISTHA recently released their new single, “ROCKST4RS,” the fifth single from their upcoming debut album, slated to drop November 25.

GEISTHA explains, “My new single ‘R0CKST4RS’ is a gloomy hymn, a mantra for all the beautifully lost souls. It’s my soundtrack for all the queer kids, the ones that never fit in, the misfits and outsiders. It’s a tune for all those that find comfort in the night, on dance floors drenched in nostalgia. It’s the feeling of running through the dark, drunk on euphoria, convinced that you’ll never die. It’s a hymn to youth and to the ones that never really want to grow up.”

They go on, “I want you to feel something. Therefore, I write sad songs that paint dark pictures. Lofi e-goth hymns to enjoy morbid feelings of sadness like you’re in a grunge coming-of-age movie.”

“ROCKST4RS” opens with twirling, industrial tones flowing into a heavy trap rhythm topped by thick bass strata dripping with dark, ominous surfaces. Gleaming synths intertwine, imbuing the tune with a mandala of luminous textures.

GEISTHA’s voice, piercing and smooth, imbues the lyrics with a haunting, melodic rapping flow, simultaneously edgy and primal.

Vaguely reminiscent of Post Malone, only more viscous and condensed, “ROCKST4RS” forges a muscular, mesmerizing soundscape.

Run Time: 2:34
Release Date: October 21, 2022