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We’re Wolves Discuss Covering Linkin Park’s Standout Single, “One Step Closer”

We’re Wolves frontman AJ Diaferio joins us for a guest blog wherein he discusses the band’s rad, metallic cover of Linkin Park’s hit single, “One Step Closer.”



If there’s one thing that We’re Wolves is good at, it’s gathering people’s attention. Outside of their distinctive, dark, horror-infused, energetic metallic hard rock, the quintet has become known for their unique, memorable cover versions of some of the biggest hard rock songs of the 2000s. The band first got noticed thanks to their viral hit version of Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff.” They have followed that up with their own distinctive takes on Disturbed’s “Down With The Sickness” and Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.”

Now, they have added to those well-received covers with their version of arguably Linkin Park’s most memorable radio hit, “One Step Closer.” We’re Wolves’ take on the track is just as memorable but leans a little more on the metal side of things in comparison to Chester Bennington and co’s original.

We’re Wolves continue to keep busy since the release of their debut full-length record, Evil Things, which came out in the fall of 2021. An extraordinary debut, the album features plenty of highly respected guests, including Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire, and Rain Paris. Fiery but also a bit on the satirical side, the record did a fantastic job of introducing We’re Wolves, their sound, and what they’re all about as an act.

Joining us today for a special guest blog regarding their cover of “One Step Closer” is We’re Wolves frontman AJ Diaferio, who provides some detail and context on why the band chose to cover the song, as well as his and his bandmates’ love for Linkin Park in general.

AJ Diaferio Discusses Linkin Park and Covering “One Step Closer:”

“Linkin Park is hands-down one of the most influential bands in our or any generation. They took elements from hip-hop, metal, rock, electronic, and pop and infused a unique sound that connects with all of us. It’s hard to not reference them when creating new music because their sound is engrained into the very fabric of rock music today.

Hybrid Theory changed the entire landscape of rock, and Chester gave us all a voice to express what we all felt inside. It’s an album that, in our opinion, gets better and better with time. It’s one we all collectively agree was a gateway to finding the music we would have never heard prior.

We chose to cover ‘One Step Closer’ because it spoke to us. It’s a song we all agreed helped shape what would become the music we play today. We all remember the first time that song came on the radio and MTV… there was truly nothing like it. We wanted to pay homage to this band that gave birth to a sonic revolution and made us all feel like we had someone out there that understood us.

We hope you all enjoy our take on this groundbreaking single. This one is for Chester; thank you for defining a generation and giving us a safe space to feel like we belong.”

Artwork for the single “One Step Closer” by We’re Wolves

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