There’s no denying that Manchester is one of the world’s most renowned music cities, thanks to the likes of Oasis, New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, and countless more. Although these aforementioned bands all have their own distinct sound, there is an indie rock spirit that drives all of them. Supera Morza is another noteworthy Manchester act, but rather than try to tap into that “been there, done that” indie spirit of the city, they are carving their own niche, quite dissimilar to their current musical peers and what came before them.

Take “Dull” for instance, the group’s latest single and a great example of what we’re talking about. It’s a hard-driving, ’90s alternative-like anthem, with a DIY-like music video, reminiscent of the early grunge videos, where it was more about look and attitude than budget and production.

Speaking on the band’s new single, lead singer Jack Barrett says:

“‘Dull’ is the fourth single that we have released, and we’ve had it for a while but it’s been through a few different changes like all songs do! Then we finally decided to record it and it just turned out as our favourite track we’ve recorded.

“The song is set out like a narrative; I liked the idea of personifying the feeling I had and turning it into this character Dull, which is about those times where you aren’t feeling like yourself and watching someone through a TV screen. Like you have set your brain on autopilot and events and time just pass you by.”

He continues, adding:

“We recorded this track at Red City Recordings in Manchester with David Radahd Jones and he just completely got the sound that we wanted to go for and it’s definitely a turning point for us in terms of sound.”

Barrett is the leader of this formidable quartet, who have skillfully and artfully distinguished themselves within their own locale’s music scene. Their sound is a strong combination of grunge influences with a punk display and delivery, which comes as a nice change of pace from a lot of their local peers who exist within the ethos of the many indie-like acts that came before them.

The big-time riffs and grooves you hear on “Dull” are the first to come from Supera Morza’s brand new EP which they plan to release in early 2023. If it’s dramatic breakdowns and balls-to-the-wall power and energy you’re looking for, well, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Artwork for the single “Dull” by Supera Morza