Another year older, another year wiser. A lot has happened since we last heard from then 19-year-old Riley Schmelzer at the end of last fall when we helped to debut the “Tantrum” single from his latest project, No Signal. That song came as part of No Signal’s Venus EP, a very successful release for the young Schmelzer, still finding his musical footing.

The EP debuted a more upbeat and energetic style for the blooming songwriter, and he’s carried that into the release of No Signal’s latest single, “Jane,” which comes today with an accompanying music video. Highly melodic, the song also has all the qualities of a hard rock song, including some blood-curdling screams from Schmelzer in the last part of the track when all musical hell breaks loose.

Telling us what the song means to him, Schmelzer shares:

“‘Jane’ can be interpreted in many ways by the listener, however for me, it’s a reflection on how past actions could have been done differently. ‘Jane’ is a bit of a metaphor not only for the actual events but for all the atrophies and regrets that come from realizing you could have changed something for the better; if only you had realized at the time. Definitely our simplest concept yet, so for some it can hit home a bit more so than other of our more obscure tracks.”

The thing that stands out about “Jane,” specifically, is that No Signal are already an arena rock-sized band in terms of sound and scope. Envision hearing this song in an arena; it’s really not that hard to fathom hearing it amongst thousands of people at some decibel level you know isn’t good for your ears, but you just don’t care. It’s all in line with Schmelzer’s stated intention of making music more of an experience that should latch onto the listener and guide them towards something more than the simple pleasures of a three-minute radio song.

With art and concept as the ultimate focus, No Signal is the type of band capable of doing meaningful things and going above and beyond the expected when it comes to hard rock n’ roll.

Artwork for the single “Jane” by No Signal