The soaring vocals. The infectious rhythm. The vintage rock ‘n’ roll attitude. It’s all here and more when you’re talking about Doomsday Outlaw and their brand new music video for “Runaway.” More of a traditional outfit when it comes to rocking and rolling, the song marks the first new sounds from the band that will soon be followed up with the release of a new album.

“Runaway” remains true to the quintet’s soulful, hard-rocking blues sound, that’s equal parts modern and classic sounding. This is the follow-up single to the June release of “One More Sip,” with both tracks featuring a tinge of southern rock style and attitude.

Referring to the “Runaway” single, bassist Indy Chanda tells us:

“‘Runaway’ has become a big favourite in our live shows with people singing it back to us at the top of their lungs, so it was a no-brainer to get it out there as we’re getting ready to let people know about the album, with a killer new video to support it. It’s been a couple of years since we shot a video and we wanted to do something different for us with a proper studio and big screen.

“There’s been a running theme in the band visuals about exploration and pushing yourself to discover more, starting with the ship in a storm from the Suffer More album cover, and this time I wanted to take us even further so we’ve headed out to Mars (via Wolverhampton)!”

From deep in the heart of the United Kingdom, it’s no wonder that Doomsday Outlaw is so heavily influenced by blues-infused rock; they basically hail from where it began to get really popular 60 years ago. They are still a relatively young band, and their emergence has been somewhat delayed, thanks to the pandemic shelving the first international shows they had planned in 2020.

When things began to settle down, the group reconvened and began working on finding the right sound with two new members and writing as much as possible. 2022 has seen a nice UK run of dates to start the year and a new record deal with Republic of Music. It’s all systems go for Doomsday Outlaw, a band with the talent and swagger to turn many heads.

Artwork for the single “Runaway” by Doomsday Outlaw