No Longer Human, Seattle-based noise-driven hardcore outfit Turian’s fourth album offering, is a kaleidoscope of heavy musical influences, a rainbow flag dripping with black, crimson, and a spattering of other sickening hues. It shreds off the top with gatecrashing opener “Slowdeath,” before charging ahead into “Snakehead,” a D-beat thrash call to arms with machine gun percussion driving ripping riffs with the rallying cry of new vocalist Vern Metzli’s throat-torn ululations.

There are nods to bands like Fight Amp and Capsule on “Judas Tree,” whereas on “Ten Misfortunes,” there is a seesaw bouncing between this alchemical compound of Dystopia and Young Widows (hey, don’t ask me how; it just is, man), before morphing into more straightforward fury more reminiscent of Converge.

There is noise and fury, gloom and hideousness, pummelling and channelling through wave after wave of approaches, all attempting to tear the listener’s defences down. The common denominator that brings together all these disparate approaches is noise. Vocals sound like they’ve been recorded through steel wool, guitars constantly shapeshift and elude consistency but are always sharp as a razor’s edge, albeit one that’s rusted from its own entropic message. Meanwhile, the percussion is crashing so constantly that it becomes a wall of sound in and of itself.

By the time closer “Saila Masso” drones out, the reverberations of the group’s fury are heard louder in relief against their desolate epilogue. What sticks in the listener’s mind is just how damn catchy everything is, demanding repeat listening even as the final moments resound.

Overall, this is a triumphant return for a band that has been cooking, experimenting, and refining. Adding a dedicated vocalist to what was once a three-piece shared vocal duty seems to have benefitted every instrumentalist while adding a compelling, mercurial vocal component.

Turian by Kyle Burnett

No Longer Human Track Listing:

1. Slowdeath
2. Snakehead
3. Judas Tree
4. Malfunction
5. Ten Misfortunes
6. Willoughby
7. American Dog
8. Buster Room
9. Narcissus
10. Saila Masso

Run Time: 24:20
Release Date: August 5, 2022
Record Label: Wise Blood Records


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