With a name like Vomit Forth, you can’t really be expecting anything other than unmitigated filth from the New York crew on Seething Malevolence, their debut for Century Media Records and, as they grunt, squeal and batter their way through each of the eleven bile-drenched tracks, it would be fair to say they’ve delivered on that expectation.

About as far removed from what death metal is in 2022, Seething Malevolence is just a festering cesspit of all that made the genre so great in the first place. Inspired by the likes of Internal Bleeding and Cryptopsy, the band has honed their brutal filth by sharing stages with death metal heavyweights like Suffocation. Take that inspiration, along with that itch to bring the death metal sound back to its roots and you end up with tracks like “Eucharist Intact” and “Tortured Sacrament,” just two of the examples where the album shows itself to be one whose rotting heart belongs utterly in the classic days of the ’90s US death metal scene.

Speaking about the record, Vomit Forth frontman Kane Gelaznik states that “modern death metal needs to be more like this… archetypical, neanderthal, dumbed-down” and he’s right. The world of extreme music needs more festering piles of filth like Seething Malevolance where the guitars buzz away like flies around the bins behind a fast-food restaurant. Unrelentingly brutal, “Unrecognizable” in particular stands out delivered like a sledgehammer to the face with Gelaznik gurgling away over the top like a man about to spew his own internal organs. It’s an absolutely foul display but, as the vocalist rightfully says, one that modern death metal fans need to hear.

Now, in recent months there have been some incredible releases from bands like Undeath which take their inspiration from the classics of the genre and, listening to these New Yorkers batter through the title track or the sickeningly vile “Predatory Saviour,” it feels like the standard has been upped yet again. Throw into the mix the suitably sinister “I Feel Nothing” sample and it really does feel like Vomit Forth has delivered everything you could ask for from an “archetypical, neanderthal, dumbed-down” death metal album and the end result couldn’t be any more brain-meltingly brilliant.

Seething Malevolence Track Listing:

1. Untitled
2. Eucharist Intact
3. Pain Tolerance
4. Tortured Sacrament
5. Unrecognizable
6. Seething Malevolence
7. Severely Wounded
8. Carnivorous Incantation
9. I Feel Nothing
10. Predatory Savior
11. Pious Killing Floor

Run Time: 29:06
Release Date: July 8, 2022
Record Label: Century Media Records


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