internal bleeding


I think the problem with Imperium, the latest album from New York death/slam metallers Internal Bleeding is that it sounds exactly like you’d expect it to. Right from the off the New York stalwarts smash you in the face with a barrage of blasts, chugs and screams and that’s how it remains right through to the very last moments of Castigo Corpus Meum, the final track on this album, where the band step away from their well-worn blueprint and into more interesting waters.

Forged in Long Island, New York circa 1991, Internal Bleeding has come a very long way in the past 20+ years. A staple in the death metal scene, the group is once again preparing to pummel their fans with new content. Due out today, September 30, 2014, via Unique Leader records, Internal Bleeding presents their latest masterpiece, Imperium. We wanted to celebrate the album in a fun way, so we grabbed guitarist Chris Pervelis and asked him some random questions!