Indie singer-songwriter Ram Dass releases his new single “Niagara” on July 8th. This song expresses the overwhelming grief and mourning that he faced after the loss of his newborn son. After his son passed due to a rare genetic condition, Ram Dass allowed his emotions a place to escape and flow through him with the chilling lyrics accompanied by icy strings and flowing guitars.

From the first breath of music, the gentle yet powerful exhale sets the tone for the engulfing grief and sadness shared throughout “Niagara.” In the lyrics, “Won’t you take all my troubles to the sea,” you can feel him surrendering while allowing a space to be acknowledged and secure. A father’s love in the midst of loss is felt throughout the song.

After hearing there were complications with his wife’s pregnancy while at Niagara Falls it seems fitting to direct the swirling turmoil and grief that was slipping around him towards the intense churning waters of the falls.

Lyrically, Ram Dass allows his anger and grief to be consumed by the waters below and through the song’s cry for help, he creates a sense of relief.

”I tried to hold my family together, stay happy, and try to find my happiness in life, but I didn’t have a lot of space to feel upset or angry at his loss until now.”

Cover art for “Niagra” by Ram Dass