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“The Insatiable Necrosexual #1” by Necrosexual [Comic Book Review]

The Insatiable Necrosexual comic is just as batshit as fans could hope for. It’s an appeal to a very specific crowd who are all already in on the joke.



Coming on the heels of the tenth year of his existence, Necrosexual has released, of all things, a comic book—The Insatiable Necrosexual #1.

If you haven’t heard of Necrosexual, that’s likely by design. The character was always intended as a lampoon of the overtly ridiculous aspects of black metal, but specifically for metal fans. A decade ago that was an effective joke because only metal fans really knew very much about black metal. But the popularity grew from Necrosexual’s interviews in character on behalf of Metal Injection as one of their in-house correspondents (which is funny in itself) with actual black metal musicians, as well as other well-known and respected metal gods, hence the popularity of the character. As the times have gone on, the joke has turned to the trappings of the character himself, evolving from interviews to band to burlesque shows and now to a comic book.

The format makes the most sense given the ridiculousness and cult appeal of Necrosexual. It’s able to go to ridiculous places and frankly insane lengths. Blood, guts, nudity and drugs are all part of the package: this was intended for an audience that was already okay with a t-bone covering a man’s cock with chains, and you know, covered in blood.

The art itself is rough and tumble, but what it lacks in refinement it more than makes up for in homebrewed glee. This was never a particularly genteel character appeal, after all, it was for metal fans who know what they like, and damned be anyone else who wants to ruin the party. To that end, the comic itself is just as batshit as fans could hope for: between the clown carmageddon, godlike Yanni, alien tits and coke-fueled bros being lasered by heavy riffs, it’s an appeal to a very specific crowd who are all already in on the joke. For them, this is a fun way of expanding the mythology to include insane visuals on top of what’s already become an infamous live act.

Page Count: 30
Release Date: April 30, 2022

Director of Communications @ V13. Lance Marwood is a music and entertainment writer who has been featured in both digital and print publications, including a foreword for the book "Toronto DIY: (2008-2013)" and The Continuist. He has been creating and coordinating content for V13 since 2015 (back when it was PureGrainAudio); before that he wrote and hosted a radio and online series called The Hard Stuff , featuring interviews with bands and insight into the Toronto DIY and wider hardcore punk scene. He has performed in bands and played shows alongside acts such as Expectorated Sequence, S.H.I.T., and Full of Hell.