An artist with a high musical IQ, and the emotional acumen to back it all up, singer-songwriter Teagan Johnston excitedly released her debut full-length album Sentimental Ballad at the end of April. The album is a raw, honest statement on heartache, coming straight from the core and articulated so artfully through minimalistic piano playing and emotional lyrics.

These new songs are deeply personal to Johnston, with each offering the listener a small look into who she is as an individual and how she got here. The songs are both haunting and soothing, with many likely to conjure up memories, both good and bad, of long-lost romances. The record’s twelve tracks are also powerful statements, full of love and longing as she reflects on human darkness and the essence of our dreams.

Also a brilliant performer, Johnston, who once was known under the moniker Little Coyote, is well known for her live performances and her dynamic, charismatic look. Today, the singer and songwriter joins us to share her Top 5 concert and video looks that help define her as the intelligent, innovative artist that she is.

1. All Blue Velvet Outfit

“In 2018, I had the great pleasure of playing at David Lynch’s private nightclub, Silencio in Paris, France. As an ode to David Lynch’s 1986 film, Blue Velvet, I wore a head-to-toe blue velvet outfit. The dress was purchased at a vintage store in Paris prior to the show, and the boots were purchased at a shop in the red light district in Paris near to where I was staying.”

2. My Favourite Old Reliable Show Outfit

“This outfit is one that I wear for just about every show I have played in the past four years. It consists of tights, knee-high socks, black loafers, my favourite blue striped linen button-down shirt, black jean cut-off shorts and a black blazer.”

Teagan Johnston Shares Her Top 5 Concert/Video Looks
3. Hand-Painted Little Coyote Hoodie

“When I played under the name Little Coyote instead of my given name, I painted a hoodie for myself to wear at shows when I wasn’t wearing a blazer. It felt wonderfully personally protective anytime I had it on.”

4. My Grandpa’s Suit and a Pair of Rainboots

“For my most recent album cover shoot I decided I wanted to wear one of my grandpa’s old suits. I found it in his closet when I was staying with him a couple of summers ago. He had it hand-made for him in Hong Kong in the ’80s and it amazingly fit me perfectly. I decided then that I would wear it for my next album cover. I paired it with a white tank and a pair of rubber rain boots.”

5. Bi-Eyes to Match a Husky

“On the shoot for my music video for ‘Blue Monday,’ I wanted to have a shot where I would sit with a Bi-eyed husky and I wanted to have our eyes match. I have blue eyes so I ordered brown contact lenses online. It was a pretty awkward rush to get the contact in my eye in between shots in the snow in the middle of the night, but I am really happy with how it turned out.”

Artwork for the album ‘Sentimental Ballad’ by Teagan Johnston

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