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Courthouse Premiere Their Reassuring New “999” Music Video

Courthouse début the music video for their recently released “999” single, a funky, poppy, alternative track with a reggae groove.



A lot of groups are content to stay within their creative wheelhouse, and that’s ok. But some want to reach out and grab more, and challenge themselves to be anything and everything. Pop rock/alternative outfit Courthouse is that rare band with the versatility to move from sound to sound and genre to genre, even within the same song.

The quintet has a new music video to drop today for their recently released “999” single, a funky, poppy, alternative track with a reggae groove. It’s off of their new EP Kill Them With Kindness, which will be on its way soon. Formed in 2019, the EP will be a more evolved version of the urban pop, alternative, and funk sound that the band members originally agreed upon as the backbone of what they were going to be as a band.

Commenting on “999” and their interpretation thereof, the band tells us:

“No matter what we have or who we are, we can all have inner demons that we let get out of control. And may find ourselves using mind altering substances and drinking to escape our reality and void within our feelings. But no matter what, we always have a way out and better days ahead, and in the end, let loved ones save you as you may to to save someone else one day.”

From love ballads, to raps, to traditional guitar solos, to alternative pop numbers, it’s all on the table of possibilities for the members of Courthouse. When the group formed, the guys met to flesh out musical and visual ideals to strive for within the context of a band. From these meetings, they decided to be more of a looser outfit when it comes to genre, which is why it’s so easy to find something to like about them.


In their year of inception, they were already playing with bands like Razorlight, Scouting For Girls, and Toploader, and headlined gigs in London at The Raven, Tower Bridge, and even O2 Academy Islington. With Kill Them With Kindness on the way soon, Courthouse are destined to be a festival mainstay this summer.

Tour Dates:

05/13 – Inside the 22, Rugby
05/22 – Dublin Castle, Camden, London
07/02 – Webb Ellis
07/15 – Inside the 22
08/26 – Purity Music Venue, Wolverhampton
08/27 – Prince Of Wales, Rugby
09/24 – Webb Ellis
11/19 – Webb Ellis
12/03 – Prince Of Wales
12/09 – Inside the 22

Artwork for the single “999” by Courthouse