Bad Luck’s tour stopped in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 21st. They brought with them Dollar Signs, Taking Meds, and Out of Service.

Unfortunately, I missed Out of Service. It took driving around the blocks four times before I was able to find a spot to park and get into the show. I later found out I had tapped Dollar Signs drummer on the shoulder to get by. As soon as I did, of course, Out of Service hit their last chord.

Shortly after that – Taking Meds was up. They were a talented band with a very relaxed vibe to them. They were a great warm-up to the progression of the night. The singer mentioned how this was their last official night of tour in the US. They were heading to a music festival in Canada immediately after the show.

Bad Luck followed them. They were so much fun to see. Bad Luck reminded you of what you love most about going to shows. It’s not often that you get to be in an intimate setting where people are seeing a band together for the first time. You knew they were good as the audience was fixed on the stage. The lead singer sarcastically joked in between songs before he’d introduced the next one. At the end of the set, he encouraged everyone to visit their makeshift Hot Topic in the back of the room – only after they had tipped their bartenders and bought from the other bands.

Bad Luck (w/ Dollar Signs, Taking Meds, Out of Service) @ Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia, PA) on May 21, 2022

Let me tell you how excited I was to see a second band with a brass instrument hit the stage. Especially, after I missed Out of Service! Dollar Signs was such a fantastic crescendo to the night. They took to the stage and their energy was immediately infectious and somehow commanded fun of the entire room. Also, it’s not often we get to see a pop-punk band with a trumpet.

If you missed out on the tour stop at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, the bands have shows upcoming throughout the year.

Bad Luck recently announced they will be at Ohio is for Lover’s fest happening in September. Meanwhile, they are still on tour with Dollar Signs in Canada for just a few more dates. After this short run in Canada, Dollar Signs will be back in Rhode Island and North Carolina in the coming weeks. Taking Meds will be back in Philly later this year at the First Unitarian but you can see them in Texas and New York as of their current show dates. And last but certainly not least, Out of Service, will be having their record release show here in Philadelphia at Ortliebs on June 11 with Pale Shade, Crash the Calm, and Sweep Echo.