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Julian Thomas Premieres His Compelling New “Mr. Perfect” Music Video



The song may be called “Mr. Perfect,” but don’t be mistaken; Julian Thomas isn’t some sort of narcissistic diva here. He’s a singer and songwriter who can look at himself honestly in the mirror and reflect on what he sees. On the contrary, the song is about not being perfect, but being straight up with yourself and able to know when and how to keep it real when it comes to love and relationships with other people.

The song will appear on the Toronto artist’s forthcoming new EP Drifting Man, which will see Thomas reemerge with a more diverse, rock-infused sound. The video for “Mr. Perfect” is a bit of a trip, featuring rooftop performance shots, intermixed with a look at Thomas going about his business through a day in his life, being his perfectly imperfect self.

Commenting on the song and its recording, Thomas tells us:

“‘Mr. Perfect’ was written pre-pandemic, while I was learning about love, roles, boundaries, and what I have to offer. Ultimately, I’m talking about what I bring to the table in this song, and acknowledging that I’m not perfect, but I can be a great lover. Sonically a majority of everything was produced and recorded analog, we wanted it to sound like something from the 1990’s throughout the whole tape, it will all make sense when you hear it.”

Born and raised in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke, Thomas is still young, but he’s been working hard at finding his way in music since the age of nine when he first tried to write a song. He refers to his songs as conversational music, which he defines as textured, cinematic songs over which he writes rhymes and recollects highly personal moments of his life that connect with listeners on a very emotional level. Thomas makes a specific effort to not be pigeonholed into one particular musical classification. He’s not interested in being boxed in so he goes to great lengths to let his creativity spread widely across genres and styles. It’s proven to be a winning formula for an artist who is continuing to emerge and rightfully earning the notoriety he so deserves.


Artwork for the single “Mr. Perfect” by Julian Thomas