Berlin, Gaermany-based electronic producer O-SHiN (aka Stefanie Martens) has unveiled her latest single, “Visitor,” out now via Galaxy Cat Records. The new cut follows previous singles “Holy Night” and “Silence Is My Nature,” both of which can be heard below, and which received widespread exposure and praise.

Commenting on a 2016 experience involving an aeroplane and a terrorist, the artist states:

“For the first time in my life, I experienced the fierce feeling of death being really close, not knowing if you’ll survive or if these are your last seconds on earth. It was an intense experience and this song [Visitor] helped me cope with the emotions I was feeling at the time.”

According to a recent press release, “O-SHiN’s long-awaited debut album is complete and scheduled for release in Autumn 2022. With her new material, O-SHiN encapsulates many of the conflicting emotional and societal dilemmas that she has observed since she was a young girl. Issues like loss, acceptance and also appreciation for life have become particularly prominent following her experience on board the flight.”

Artwork for the single “Visitor” by O-SHiN

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