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Dominic Sherrell’s New Music Video Will Show You “How to Love Again” [Premiere]



Young love can be complex and awkward, but it can also be magical and extraordinary. We all have our own story about that certain someone that just wallops you off your feet, and Dominic Sherrell would like to share his with you, via his latest single “How to Love Again.” Coming along with a lighthearted, summery music video, the song also happens to be the singer-songwriter’s debut single, an impressive entrance into the wide world of laid-back pop music.

Written about an encounter with a girl named Popsie, Sherrell was inspired to write the song after a chance encounter with her at a friend’s birthday party that felt very special. Unfortunately, the pandemic lockdown hit, and he was not able to see her again, until roughly an entire year later when they had another pleasant meeting. Some more months passed and Sherell found out Popsie was moving to Germany which, at this point, guided him to begin writing “How to Love Again,” remaining hopeful that they may see each other again.

With some more to say on the song, Sherrell shares:

“The song is about the relatable effect that LOVE can have on us in terms of ultimate euphoria it produces as well as, in the context of learning to love yourself again after being heartbroken or mistreated by the one you loved. My idea that begs the question behind if LOVE is truly enough? If it isn’t then we need to be brave enough to acknowledge that and allow ourselves the time and growth to ultimately learn to LOVE ourselves once again, and only then can we truly focus our LOVE onto others.”

Relaying his thoughts and motivations for the video, he adds:

“The music video I created needed to capture that complete euphoric feeling and happiness seen and felt in the video and depicted in the song. The music video features an ’80s theme of how love should always feel effortless which, can be seen and felt in its uncomplicated, romantic, easy-going and FUN manner! The music video was a lot of fun to film, and the creativity behind working with the incredibly talented team Matterathart we were able to capture some truly iconic shots in and around Cape Town, South Africa.”

Dominic Sherrell

At 25, the Cape Town, South Africa native did not grow up wanting to be a musician. Although he grew up on lots of ’90s alternative rock, he was more of a jock, with rugby, water polo, swimming, and squash some of his go-to sports. Finally, by 18, the music bug bit him badly and he picked up a guitar and taught himself how to play. By 2018, rugby and his sports career had taken a backseat to music, and he completely immersed himself into working on his vocal and guitar talents.

A fast learner, Sherrell is now ready to make up for lost time, and anxious to keep writing, recording, and pouring his heart into his songwriting.

Artwork for the album “How to Love Again” by Dominic Sherrell