With her trademark wit, unrivalled energy, and no-nonsense attitude, Adrian Conner is again gracing us with her dynamic presence—check out her brand new single and music video, “Victoria.”

This is the fiery Conner’s first new single and follow up to her Hiss Kiss Hiss EP, released last year. The song is a little more melodic, smooth, and bluesy than the rowdy, bombastic rock n’ roll you’ve come to expect from Conner over the last two decades since she made her glorious debut. That typical punk rock attitude and heavy metal heart is very much still there; it’s just temporarily been placed on the backburner.

Explaining the origins of the song and video, Conner tells us,

“‘Victoria’ is inspired by my best friend (musician) Laura Derig. It tries to capture her love of glamour, women, macabre fashion and icons associated with that (Betty Page, Diamanda Galas). Juxtaposed with a big heart. It’s also about being different and cast out from those who see you as different in terms of having different values.

“The video displays a romantic lesbian theme with two women getting ready to go out for the evening. And then meeting in a bar and having a PG romantic encounter. A deeper relationship experience than just a sexual encounter. The zombie hands, the man with the bat are the transgressors/aggressors. The line taken from Jesus, ‘Forgive them they know not what they do,’ is very literal in that, people who judge, violate or attack, physically or verbally, are acting out of a state of fear. And truly do not know what they do.”

Derig and Conner go way back, with them both at one time bandmates in the near-legendary, all-girl AC/DC tribute band Hell’s Belles. Conner still acts as the band’s lead guitarist, while Derig, the group’s founding drummer, has moved on to other creative pursuits. Hiss Kiss Hiss was a defining release for Conner, an attempt on her part to call out the power structures within society, and doing it with both sarcasm and humour. The EP was also her way of looking beyond the surface to the depths of self-empowerment through the choice to embrace love and forgiveness over contempt and negativity.

It’s been quite a run for Conner, one that has involved playing with a laundry list of incredible artists, such as Concrete Blonde, Brody Dalle, the Texas Tornados, Girl in a Coma, Patrice Pike, Uncle Lucious, Peterson Brothers, Sister 7, Cinderella, and Kix. Fortunately, the train is nowhere near its destination, as Conner continues to refine and redefine herself.

For those in the area, Adrian has a show locked in for January 20th at Meanwhile Brewing in Austin, TX. Word.

Artwork for the single “Victoria” by Adrian Conner