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Enter Shikari (w/ Nova Twins, Dinosaur Pile-Up) @ O2 Academy (Leeds, UK) on December 12, 2021 [Photos & Show Review]

Enter Shikari, along with Dinosaur Pile-Up and Nova Twins, put on a brilliant night of controlled chaos in Leeds. Photos and review here.



Nova Twins are an explosion of powerful, energetic intensity and they absolutely decimated the stage at the Leeds Academy. Their music is as much grime as it is punk in that the mentality is fully DIY and done on their own terms. It demands the attention of the audience, who respond with a massive amount of energy and even an equally monstrous circle pit.

Coming off the back of some big support runs with Prophets of Rage and most recently Bring Me the Horizon, this Enter Shikari tour is yet another opportunity for them to melt some new faces. They are a band that is re-writing the rules of rock music and deservedly picking up a legion of fans along the way. Join them, you won’t be disappointed.

Local lads Dinosaur Pile-Up are a great band but, seemed a little underwhelming. Whether it’s because they were sandwiched in-between the raw, intense energy of Nova Twins and the massive arena show energy of Enter Shikari, or the fact that they were crammed together in a small space at the front of the stage, I’m not sure, but neither of those things did them any favours.

Enter Shikari attract a pleasingly varied audience who are all more than up for tonight’s show. The reaction from the show highlighted what’s been missed so much by so many over the last two years and watching everyone in the room from the stage, the stalls and the balcony collectively losing their shit together was a magical sight.

Enter Shikari (w/ Dinosaur Pile-Up, Nova Twins) @ O2 Academy (Leeds, UK) on December 12, 2021

With boundless energy and the spirit of Keith Flint coursing through him, Rou Reynolds leads the way bouncing around the stage and busting out some incredible dance moves. Guitarist Chris, not long back from a bout of Covid, doesn’t look like he’s not long back from a bout of Covid and covers every inch of the stage. In fact, the only thing that stays rooted for most of the show is Sparky, the synth.

The sporadic use of confetti canons throughout the night added to the celebratory feeling of the show, and the singalongs during “Anaesthetist” and “Satellites” were goose-bump inducing, add to that a light show that’s a vision of beauty and mentalness and Enter Shikari have given every single person in the room plenty of value for their money.

There’s complete chaos in the venue, sometimes controlled, sometimes far from it but the overall feeling in the room is pure joy, so many different people sharing in the same emotion, and it was phenomenal. Enter Shikari – exit happy (and pretty sweaty).

Enter Shikari Set List:

2. Destabilise
3. Sssnakepit
4. Juggernauts
5. modern living….
6. Anaesthetist (Reso Remix outro)
7. satellites
8. the pressure’s on.
9. Arguing With Thermometers
10. Rabble Rouser
11. Sorry, You’re Not a Winner
12. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
13. Mothership
14. Solidarity
15. Constellations
16. Reprise 3
17. T.I.N.A.
18. { The Dreamer’s Hotel }
19. Live Outside