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My Silent Bravery “Say Something” Serious with Their Latest Music Video [Premiere]

Not scared to boldly “Say Something,” My Silent Bravery support their recent full-length ‘Bigger’ with a music video for the poignant single.



Whatever side you are on, or wherever your allegiance may lie, we can all more or less agree on one thing: the world has got some problems! And these problems spawn a lot of tension and division. But even in the face of such dissension, sometimes you just gotta maintain the confidence to “Say Something.”

Enter the brand new single from My Silent Bravery from the recently released full-length Bigger. As a whole, the album finds Matthew Wade, the man behind My Silent Bravery, at his most determined, forceful, and compelling, with each song a statement of sorts on Wade’s current feelings and musings about the world at large. “Say Something” doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to its message; it’s in the song title. Wade is looking to light a fire under the listener, inspiring you to action, to look beyond the superficial towards what’s really important: solidarity.

With more to say on his new single, Wade tells us:

“‘Say Something’ was the first song written on the Bigger album and I always knew I wanted to open the album with this song. I love the complexity of this song. At the surface the message is simple. Speak up and ‘Say Something’ regardless of whether you are right or wrong. However it is actually much more complicated and there is a Bigger message. To me it’s actually suggesting to listen carefully and speak wisely and find some common and middle ground. ‘I know we all have our problems, it’s going to take more than words just to solve them, I am trying to find a common ground with ya, from the jump I been down with ya.’ At the heart of this song, it’s a call for unity. And in order to unite, it all starts with the golden rule which is treat people how you want to be treated.”

This call for unity stretches through the entirety of the album, with Wade using each song as an opportunity to make a statement of sorts.

“Bigger the album is a reflection of what’s happening in the world,” said Wade. “The album is a call to unite. And as important as I think it is that we all need to ‘Say Something,’ ‘Rise Up,’ and to ‘Learn to Fight,’ I don’t think we will get very far ‘Without Love’ and unity. So, in addition to speaking up and having our voices heard, I think we also need to continue to listen and learn. We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. That is why my bravery is silent. We are all looking for more hope in our lives especially as the pandemic continues. It really feels like a grind every day and that we are all fighting our own personal battles. Its my hope that this album unites, helps and inspires people to think and dream big and to manifest their dreams to reality.”

Bigger has been nothing short of a spectacular success for Wade, with the album producing three highly touted singles, and widespread critical praise for the record’s tone and messaging. Although it is primarily an acoustic-driven album, it is quite upbeat, incorporating both rhythmic programming, and some electronic dance elements into the production. There’s a reggae-pop beat to many of the songs, including the title track, “Rise Up,” and the undeniably anthemic “The Reason.” Interestingly enough, despite its undeniable thematic parallels, the bulk of the record was written before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. These are songs that are oh so appropriate for today’s complicated times, with Wade impressively demonstrating both the talent and that special musical intuition that all great artists have.

Artwork for the album ‘Bigger’ by My Silent Bravery