It’s the big reveal party for Zach Zyla and you’re all invited. Under the name PRIZEFIGHTER, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer is pleased to be unveiling his debut single today, “An Afterthought.” The song is anything but an afterthought, a strong first statement of his musical prowess, with more to come on his forthcoming debut album Somewhere Between Here & There, due out in the new year.

Armed with experience, knowledge, and nerve, Zyla brings a creative approach to the table, combining vocal talent with a strong technical acumen that comes from his background as an audio engineer. Rather than hire musicians, producers, and engineers to assist, Zyla would rather just all do it himself, his own way, wearing as many hats as are required to get the job done.

Explaining the place in which he’s coming from as a songwriter and as a musician, Zyla tells us:

“I just want to make music that a 14 year old version of myself would love. Music that you can find pieces of yourself in and relate to, but also be anthemic and a blast to sing along to. An Afterthought was a cathartic release to write, so I hope that it can be just as cathartic for anyone listening and yelling along to.”

With life slowed down due to the pandemic, Zyla spent most of his 2021 honing in on just what direction he wanted to go in with PRIZEFIGHTER. He considered the band approach before soon deciding that it would be best to go it alone, writing, recording, producing, mixing, and mastering everything, along with planning the release and doing the marketing. The project was initially only intended as a creative means for Zyla to work off some stress and aggression in a fun way, but when others heard what he was coming up with, they encouraged him to stick with it.

Zyla has several years of experience now as a producer, helping others in the New England area with recording their own songs. He started out playing in bands, but he soon fell in love with not only writing music but also the engineering and production aspects of the process. By 2016, he had opened Zach Zyla Audio, which he continues to operate, helping other artists hone in on their sound. As we enter into a new year, now is the time for Zyla to establish himself as an artist in his own right, one that really has no limitations when it comes to songwriting and recording.

Artwork for the single “An Afterthought” by PRIZEFIGHTER