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Arcane Ghosts Reflect on the Ups and Downs with Their New Single “Rollercoaster” [Premiere]

With a fun, vintage, pop-punk energy, Arcane Ghosts have arrived in style with their newest single “Rollercoaster.”



With a fun, vintage, pop-punk energy, Arcane Ghosts have arrived in style with their newest single “Rollercoaster.” This is a big moment in the band’s history, with their popularity on the rise over the last six months, thanks to a couple of very well-received singles. With “Rollercoaster,” the Toronto band has really hit their stride, doing what they do best, combining smooth verses with a rocking chorus, and an unexpectedly frenetic background that catches you a little bit off-guard.

Thematically, “Rollercoaster” is about all those hidden emotions that you’ve stashed away from someone for so long that you just want to fire at them like a cannon because you don’t know if you’ll ever get that moment again. It’s like trying to guess what someone is really thinking about you, and wishing you could read someone’s mind. The rollercoaster is a reference to the ups, the downs, and everything in between that comes in our relationships with lovers, friends, and family.

Describing the song’s creative process, the band told us,

“‘Rollercoaster’ is a fun and energetic song that gets you hooked right off the bat with its intro guitar riff. The emotions that flow through your mind when listening to this song reflect the feeling of being on an actual rollercoaster. Immediately from when all the instruments come in, they give chills as if you’re climbing right to the top. The laid-back verses reflect the slow, heartbeat-driven moments when climbing to the top of the coaster with everything silent, and only your thoughts are heard in your head.

Once that first chorus comes in and the familiar intro riff comes back, there is no stopping that sweet ‘catch’ factor. To finish off the song, we wanted a huge ‘shabang!’ We thought to ourselves, ‘How should we end the song?’ and the answer was breakdown! However, we wanted to add the chorus melodies at the end of the song to form a cohesive ending that ties it all together in a nice, pink bow.”

They continue by saying,

“The process for this song was very interesting. This song was a COVID baby written while in isolation last year when the world ground right to a halt. It all started when (singer and guitarist) Jason (Diaz) wrote the intro guitar riff, which was meant to be a verse/bridge part, but (bassist) Steven (Wolwyn) thought that it was too catchy and that it needed to be an intro to a new song entirely. We then started playing around with the idea to use the riff as a chorus later on, but Jason had some troubles coming up with a chorus hook worthy of the awesome guitar riff. After listening to a ton of new music he normally did not listen to, he came up with the brilliant chorus melody we hear in the song today.

When in the studio with Anton DeLost last year, we were choosing from our demos which songs to record that would later be released as singles. It came down to ‘Rollercoaster’ and another song, but fortunately for us we decided ‘Rollercoaster’ was the better fitting song for a single, and my oh my we are very happy we made that decision!”

All things considered, it’s all gone pretty well for Arcane Ghosts since their 2015 inception. From Waterloo, Ontario, they didn’t start performing as Arcane Ghosts until the following year, but in that time, they have slowly but surely built a solid following. Fusing pop-punk and alternative with post-hardcore-inspired vocal melodies, the band has become well respected within the industry, opening for acts such as Rarity, illScarlett, Courage My Love, Calling All Captains, and Red Handed Denial. Pretty good for a trio of guys from small-town Ontario.

Artwork for the single “Rollercoaster” by Arcane Ghosts