If you were asked to describe Kevin Basko as a musician and an artist, the word prolific may come to mind. Then again, prolific may not be a strong enough term to describe this rising music star. Under his pseudonym Rubber Band Gun, Basko released 25 albums in 2019. You read that correctly, 25 albums in one calendar year. He has followed all of those albums up this year with another new batch of releases, the latest being Cashes Out, released this past July via Earth Libraries.

Of all of his diverse collection, Cashes Out has stood out as a particularly memorable record for Basko, one that he has turned into more of a multimedia endeavour with the release of a new visualizer video for not just one song, but the entire album. Twenty-eight minutes in length, the clip is a visual accompaniment to the album, one that he worked on with director Ben Montez, giving a whole new life and identity to these songs.

Explains Basko:

“From the start of recording Cashes Out, I wanted a unique visual talent to accompany the sounds we were making, Ben Montez has an incredible eye and ear for collaboration and he really brought the Vegas dream to life. With a combination of found stock footage, intimate practical shots, and absurd animation, he has built a neon world and story around the themes and characters explored in this record. Each song/video can live in its own world and feel coherent on its own, but when played together as a whole, Ben has created a film that pushes those boundaries and shows the viewer a side of RBG that they’ve never seen before.”

Cashes Out was written with the intention that it would be Basko’s swing towards more of a radio-friendly, pop-oriented approach to his songwriting. Pop-oriented implies simplified, but nothing could be further from the truth with Cashes Out, a grouping of songs that retain the depth and variety of ideas that define the vast Rubber Band Gun catalogue.

In attempting to formulate more of a modern pop album, Basko and his collaborators try new methods of recording, like using different types of studio equipment used for making more sample-based music. Some of said collaborators included working closely with Mike and Brian D’Addario, Sam France, Jackie Cohen, and bassist Johnny Costa, who helped co-write lyrics for the first time. This was a change of pace in terms of songwriting for Basko, a man who usually confines himself to his home studio to find his own way as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer.

With such a diverse back catalogue, it almost sounds absurd to say this is a whole new Kevin Basko, but that’s exactly what you get on Cashes Out.

Cashes Out Track Listing:

1. My Time
2. Cash Out
3. Like That
4. Fear
5. Be Together
6. Catches A Trout

Artwork for the album ‘Cash Out’ by Rubber Band Gun