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Watch The Silhouet’s Sexy, Seductive and Odd “Plaything” Music Video [Premiere]

The Silhouet’s new “Plaything” music video is sexy, seductive, odd, and intoxicating. It features Joe Bożek performing while surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women adorned in large bunny heads.



Sexy, seductive, odd, and intoxicating sounds about right for the perfect recipe for a standout music video. You have all those ingredients and more in The Silhouet’s latest music video for “Plaything.” The quirky new video features Joe Bożek, the man behind The Silhouet, performing while surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women adorned in large bunny heads.

There’s a noticeable new wave influence in both the song’s productions and Bożek’s towering vocals with a range that may remind you a little bit of Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan. If you look past those elements, you’ll also hear a lot of aggressive drumming and guitar playing more typical of a modern hard rock band. It’s an interesting musical amalgamation that Bożek is working with here, one that is no doubt extremely distinctive.

Providing context for the song, Bożek said,

“‘Plaything’ is of a struggle between oneself and a lover. The struggle of mental enslavement, yet physical pleasure. There is an underlying sadism in the meaning.”

Bożek has been on a nice little run here for the last few years since the release of the first two Silhouet EPs in 2017. He followed that up with the full-length Agent of Change two years later, further defining himself as an unconventional songwriter, capable of merging all of his musical interests together and concocting his own sound. With a love of electronic rock, grunge, indie, classic alternative, and pop, Bożek’s vocals come across as both dark yet soulful. The Silhouet is a character that he has created as a means of musically expressing himself, writing and recording songs of hope, love, affliction, resistance, loss, exploitation, and vengeance.

Both performative and passionate, Bożek offers you a lot to get excited about, particularly for those who truly love the nuances of alternative music.

Artwork for the single “Plaything” by The Silhouet