Back with their first album since returning from hiatus in 2018, New Jersey slammers Waking The Cadaver have described Authority Through Intimidation as “the definitive Waking The Cadaver album.” Promising to deliver the slamming gore groove that has been their blueprint since day one, expect to have your face ripped off from the moment the New Jersey outfit explodes into “Civic Assault.”

Showing an obvious love for slam bands like Dying Fetus and Disgorge, tracks like “Corpse Decomposition” and “Frenzied Vehicular Rampage” are as violent as you are probably imagining. Slamming metal and sickening blast beats leave you feeling like you’ve been smashed hard into a brick wall with their violence matched by vocalist Don Campan whose foul vocals sound like he’s spewing up the contents of his gut.

Thanks to an absolutely pristine mix this album, which vocalist Campan describes as having an “intensely disgusting brutal vibe,” hits home really hard. Taking all the fundamentals of what Waking The Cadaver are about, the message behind tracks like “Threaten Physical Force” and “Human Chop Shop” probably couldn’t be any blunter if it tried but what makes this such a pleasure to listen to is the fact that even though Waking The Cadaver’s format is route one, it’s delivered with such terrifying ferocity.

You’re a fool if you’re expecting Authority Through Intimidation to be anything more than utterly unpleasant. However, while the nastiness of the album is unsurprising, the savage bluntness with which they hammer home this aural onslaught is breathtaking. An absolute masterclass in how slam metal should sound, the band promised Authority Through Intimidation would be next level and, from start to finish, the New Jersey outfit has stuck to their word.

Authority Through Intimidation Track Listing:

1. Civic Assault
2. Corpse Decomposition
3. Human Chop Shop
4. Frenzied Vehicular Rampage
5. Arbiter of Punishment
6. Threaten Physical Force
7. Asphyxiating Ligature
8. Authoritative Aggressor

Run Time: 26:51
Release Date: October 22, 2021
Record Label: Unique Leader


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