A lot of our day-to-day existence consists of finding the positive in the negative, both in people, the occurrences in our lives, and the world around us. Sometimes, finding that positive can offer some emotional and spiritual emancipation, something at issue in dance rockers’ Easy Tiger’s brand new single “Rag and Bottle.”

The track carries with it a similar theme to the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, a collection of songs that are an introspection into the parts of us that wonder why people, at times, leave us in different ways, how we choose to react to that, and the results of those reactions. Those results obviously vary; at times they are positive, other times negative, and sometimes, rather neutral. It’s all rather unknown, and sometimes things are merely what we make of them.

With some words on their new single, the band said,

“Our single, ‘Rag and Bottle,’ comes at a strange time and speaks of the red flags in others we sometimes choose to ignore. It came from a strange time as well. It was initially recorded some time ago under a time of reconsideration over just what the band was going to be. Then this song happened, and the name change from Lackluster, a previous incarnation draped in references to Modest Mouse meeting Gorillaz in a tiny bar and being way too loud, to Easy Tiger came along with it. Miles Davis once said, ‘Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.’ We fully endorse that statement, and offer this as proof!”

Equal parts dance, electronic, and rock, Easy Tiger are three talented, eager young men looking to bring some gusto and pizazz to the rock n’ roll genre. Jonathan Hayes is the group’s charismatic frontman and guitarist, backed up oh so capably by bassist Josh Wydick, and drummer Tyler Dunham. Coming together relatively recently, the band took shape in the earlier part of the COVID-19 pandemic, a time that allowed them to just focus on songwriting with relatively few distractions. Even with all the uncertainty, they were awarded a grant from the Greater Columbus, Ohio Arts Council which afforded them the opportunity to record a record, even if it was months of stop and go through various lockdowns.

Now that they have found their footing, Easy Tiger is ready to rock and ready to roar, as they help guide you back to the mosh pit.

Artwork for the single “Rag and Bottle” by Easy Tiger