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Album Review

Don Broco – ‘Amazing Things’ [Album Review]

Don Broco has hit pure gold with ‘Amazing Things’ (SharpTone Records) and it leaves no doubts that this Bedford-based four-piece are on the verge of raising their profile to another level.



With each and every release, Don Broco seems to improve, not to mention climb the proverbial chart ladder. Their debut, Priorities, came in at a respectable 25 whereas Amazing Things predecessor, Technology, climbed to an exceptional number 5 (in the UK charts). I can see no reason why Amazing Things will not continue this trend given that it really is the band’s finest work to date.

The record opens with “Gumshield,” an almost techno-like beat that builds up with additional components added from bass to vocals. It has its heavy moments but this tune really shines when it steps back from this to a more atmospheric feel. This is a great track, but it can’t hold a candle to the incredible second song, “Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan.” At first, it feels a little generic with a basic easy-to-follow beat, but as the chorus drops, it becomes clear that this will become an instant classic for the band. Like “Gumshield,” the track layers so many beats mixing heavy rock with techno it is difficult to know whether to mosh or dance!

“Endorphins” does exactly what it promises from the very first note, starting with vocalist Rob Damiani singing in a high pitch backed by a chilled beat before kicking into a drum and bass beat then dropping into a heavy metal vibe before returning to the chilled style with which it opened. This song, like so many on this record, has so many elements that are fused together with perfection.

Every good record should have an anthem and for Amazing Things that anthem is “Anaheim.” It is a slow ballad of a tune that gradually picks up the pace throughout but still maintains a more relaxed pace. Like other tracks, it has multiple sections that differ from each other but on this track, those differences are more subtle and it is just so easy to get lost whilst listening along.

I’m sorry to say that there are no stand-out tracks on this album, but that is simply because every song is a masterpiece in and of itself. Don Broco has hit pure gold with this release and it leaves no doubts that this Bedford-based four-piece are on the verge of raising their profile to another level.

Amazing Things Track Listing:

1. Gumshield
2. Manchester Super Reds No.1 Fan
3. Swimwear Season
4. Endorphins
5. One True Prince
6. Anaheim
7. Uber
8. How are You Done with Existing?
9. Bruce Willis
10. Revenge Body
11. Bad 4 Ur Health
12. Easter Sunday

Run Time: 46:49
Release Date: October 22, 2021
Record Label: SharpTone Records