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Chlorine’s Jared Russell on New Single “Thanks For Nothing,” ’90s Rock Influences, and Grunge’s Resurgence

We chat with Jared Russell of rock duo Chlorine about their new single and music video for “Thanks For Nothing,” and how the legacy of grunge and alternative has seeped into the music of today.



Recently, we sat down with Jared Russell of Chlorine, which is hot off their new single and music video for “Thanks For Nothing.” The song hits hard with elements of pop, rock, and punk, but also injects pieces of alternative rock that the band credits as part grunge revival. The bold description caught our ears and we wanted to hear more about how the legacy of grunge and alternative has seeped into the music of today.

With Nirvana hitting the 30-year mark since the release of Nevermind, quite a few of us are feeling a bit nostalgic over what were the brighter parts of the alt-rock movements of the ’90s. Grunge came onto the scene and kicked hair metal on its ass, paving the way for some of the best bands of all time to make their mark. Melvins, Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, and in the later years, bands like Queens of the Stone Age took the torch and put their own stamp on the rock scene.

Congrats on the new single “Thanks For Nothing.” The song and video make a statement, and you guys sound like this isn’t your first rodeo. How did the band and sound come about?

Jared Russell: “Thank you! We’re extremely excited about this release, it’s been a long time coming. The idea for Chlorine started a couple years ago. I wanted to create something I had never done or heard before. I started sharing demos with OB early on and we knew we wanted to do this project together.”

What’s next for Chlorine, any other songs or releases coming up?

“‘Thanks For Nothing’ is the first single off of our upcoming four-track EP The Bittersweet. We will be releasing songs individually throughout the next few months.”

Chlorine produced and recorded the entire EP with Alan Day of Four Year Strong. How was that process?

“It was incredible! Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, I was the only member able to fly out to Massachusetts to record the EP, but was lucky enough to feature Jake Massuco on drums for all four songs. Ghost Hit Recordings is a 200-year-old church that was fabricated into a beautiful studio surrounded by a graveyard… perfect for the vibe of this EP. Alan was the absolute best as well, through the whole process he didn’t take away anything creatively and helped make these songs what they’re supposed to be.”

Let’s talk about music culture and the influence of ‘90s rock on the music coming out as of late. When did you think this grunge resurgence kicked off, and how does Chlorine associate with the lifestyle and genre?

“I believe it’s been a long time coming. There are a ton of great bands that have had their go at it through the past decade but it all comes down to timing. Is now the right time? I have no damn clue, but this sound is us and we all gravitated to it because we love it.”

Chlorine in 2021

Who do you consider to be the top three alt-rock groups of the ‘90s that are influencing music right now?

“Well, obviously Nirvana will always have the biggest influence on this brand of music forever. But Chris Cornell’s discography can be heard in so many bands throughout the years even now. And I gotta give it up to Third Eye Blind for incorporating all aspects of these genres and blending them in their own special way.”

We’re seeing grunge fashion everywhere these days. Do you think that also helps a new generation of listeners get interested in the genre, including new bands like Chlorine?

“Absolutely, it all works together and who wouldn’t want to represent one of the most influential times in music history.”

A few years ago we saw shoegaze rear its head back into underground music again, which was awesome. Do you feel that the grunge/alt element is just a moment in time or will it be something that helps the current alternative music evolve?

“I think it all depends on how the movement grows. Everything big or small can influence the next generation, but as long as people are putting on honest good music, there is no reason it can’t be huge.”

Artwork for the EP ‘The Bittersweet’ by Chlorine

There aren’t too many newer post-grunge or even major alternative rock bands that are huge these days, most are just taking elements of past greats and putting their own spin on it. That said, do you think we’re on the brink of something much bigger here with grunge and alt rock ‘90s sounds?

“All music is derivative of something else leading back to the very beginning; this is no different. There are some great bands like Teenage Wrist, Bleed, Webbed Wing, that are putting out amazing music and it could absolutely be something massive. I know we are going to give it our all to make that happen.”

The solo on “Thanks For Nothing” gives us QOTSA vibes, which is great. Were you guys into Rated R or self-titled back in the day (a 2000 release still can count right?). Or were bands like these and others more of a later years’ discovery?

“Love that! Definitely fell in love with the self-titled first… but I gotta give a shoutout to Songs For The Deaf. Dave Grohl is the fucking GOAT.”