How’s that tender heart of yours feeling today? You feeling a little bit on edge? Punk rockers Wavy Trees are paying their respects to the heartbroken with their latest music video for “Hypocrite.” Honest and genuine to a fault, Wavy Trees are a band that wears their heart on their collective sleeve, and that’s not hard to notice in this latest single, a forthcoming admission of the hardships and frustrations that can’t help but accompany the loss of a close relationship.

Featuring anthemic melodies and undertones of ’90s alternative, the song makes for an ideal singalong for the brokenhearted, who want to feel some reassurance that there is someone out there who understands what they’re feeling. The song is also meant to represent the acceptance that we go through when losing someone, although, at the end of the day, it’s all a little bit hypocritical, since we aren’t so much sad that the relationship is gone, rather we’re upset that things aren’t working out in the way that’s best for us.

There’s a whole story behind the music video, which lead singer ZackMoondogSmith has summarized for us. “The ‘Hypocrite’ video is a satirical outlook on life in general,” Smith said. “(Guitarist) Jason (Espirito) saw some missionaries while driving in LA and thought it would be funny if we were in those outfits. So we decided to make ‘The Wavy Way’ which is our own ‘cult’ so to speak and go door to door asking people if they needed enlightenment in their lives from people like us (laughs). In the end, you will see that we are all hypocrites after all.”

Like so many great songs in history, “Hypocrite” started as something of an accident during a jam session. It came together fairly quickly and speaks to the undeniable chemistry that exists between the band members. There’s a real house party flavour to the group, the type of band you’d picture rocking out to a group of teenagers in a living room while mom and dad are away on vacation. Combining hard rock riffs and garage-punk energy, there’s a real IDGAF undertone to their sound. The highly influential Jay Baumgardner, responsible for producing albums by Seether, Papa Roach, Bush, Lacuna Coil, and so many others is a big believer in Wavy Trees, and has produced much of their material.

Emotional, lively, energetic, and certainly uninhibited, this is a band that is most certainly the total package.

Artwork for “Hypocrite” by Wavy Trees