If you’re feeling some aggression, then you’ve come to the right place. Virginia Beach’s RVNT (pronounced “revenant”) is back with the release of their latest EP Hell Follows Me. Dropped on September 10th via Theoria Records, the EP is both ambitious and clever, with the band tapping into their love of progressive post-hardcore, and infusing it with enthusiastic doses of nu-metal.

The record continues and builds off of what they started back in 2015 with the release of their debut EP Vulnerable, an album that got noticed particularly for its full-force brutality, and ghastly grooves. Since the release of that offering, RVNT has maintained a steady presence throughout the United States, particularly on the East Coast due to touring runs with Palisades, A Scent Like Wolves, and Convictions. Their sophomore EP These Thoughts I Can’t Bear was released in 2019.

With Hell Follows Me now out and ready for consumption, we connected with the members of RVNT for a quick track-by-track rundown of the EP, where they told us more about these songs’ origins and broader meanings.

1. “Defy”

“This song I wrote specifically about how no one in the world seems to keep it real anymore. Everyone always seems to have some other motive that inevitably seems to benefit their own agenda. I’m so sick of seeing or hearing that shit. I was raised to shoot straight with people. To be genuine but with respect and honesty.”

2. “Reign”

“This song is about the internal battle you face when you desire to quit and give up because being worn out and down is exhausting. The underlying message with this song is that you possess so much within yourself to continue on even when you’re feeling like you are at your end. ‘Even all through this, if I quit a void will remain, I am a legacy.’ That’s real-life shit you control the attitude at which you choose to walk through life. Negative emotions will always be constant but how are you going to respond?!”

3. “Sick”

“We wrote the lyrics to this song not long after the situation with COVID struck. Pissed off, angry, feeling like you’ve been defeated, tired of the haters, the fakes, the shit talkers etc… ‘Sick’ is an anthem at which you’re fed up and you’re not going to lay down to the bullshit anymore and we feel like everyone can vibe with that.”

4. “Omen”

Ricky (Gillis) wrote this song at which he explained to (guitarist) Jeremy (Anderson) that he felt someone close to him was betraying him. And not just like a relationship at which you say whatever, this one hurt deep. Essentially it was written almost foreshadowing as to what ended up happening in real life. Pretty wild that there was almost an intuition as to the events Ricky was referring to within the song was also happening in real life.”

5. “Hindsight”

“This song is an obvious romance that is completely on a disaster course. One person is no longer invested while another is trying and still can’t figure out what the fuck is actually happening but they know something’s not right. Communicate. This type of behavior is abusive and toxic as fuck. Don’t string someone along for your own self-gain and selfish tendencies.”

Artwork for ‘Hell Follows Me’ by RVNT

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