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PVRIS Welcome a New Era of Music at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD [Photos & Show Review]

With a surge of concerts making headlines, I had the privilege of photographing PVRIS as my first show back and it was everything I could have imagined.



After over a year of staying indoors, ordering takeout, binge-watching Netflix and FaceTiming friends, live music has finally started to make a well-needed comeback. It’s not a shock to say that living through a global pandemic has been mentally exhausting. Countless jobs were lost and hope for the music industry was dissipating. Thankfully, we are slowly but surely making our way back to a sense of normalcy. With a surge of concerts making headlines, I had the privilege of photographing PVRIS as my first show back and it was everything I could have imagined.

PVRIS at Rams Head Live (Baltimore, MD) on August 17, 2021

Originating from Lowell, MA, the female-fronted band has been climbing the ranks with one hit after another. Lead vocalist, Lynn Gunn, has held the reigns on the creative direction with the band and it is working in her favour. It’s clear that Gunn has blossomed as a person and musician over the years. With songs inspired by heartbreak, self-reflection and personal growth, PVRIS has won the hearts of many with their melodic lyrics and distinctive sound.

With their newly released single “Monster,” fans get a preview of what’s to come for future music. Like many other artists, PVRIS is no stranger when it comes to sending fans cryptic messages in regards to the upcoming album, song and tour announcements. Recently, a separate Instagram account named “sweatblvvdtears” has caught the attention of many who follow the band. The account seems to be a possible teaser for an upcoming album, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Lengthy lines of concert-goers vanished as individuals pummeled into the two-story venue. The long-awaited moment had finally arrived and the lights began to dim. A track playing husky growls filled the room and the stage became flooded by blood-red lighting. Fans roared with excitement, welcoming PVRIS to the stage as they opened the night with a dynamic performance of “Monster.” It was such an amazing feeling being back in the photo pit that I couldn’t help but get chills throughout their performance. After playing a few hits, Lynn took the time to thank everyone for coming out to the show and praised fans for following guidelines so everyone could enjoy the concert safely.

To the audience’s surprise, Gunn actually had a few family members that were scattered throughout the crowd. The PVRIS vocalist made an announcement that her aunt and uncle’s anniversary was that day and everyone gave a joyful cheer as a spotlight shone upon them in the crowd. The band continued their high-energy set which included a majority of songs from their newest album, Use Me, as well as two new unreleased tracks. The crowd went wild hearing PVRIS play “St. Patrick” and “You and I,” from their first album and the energy filling the room was contagious. Not only do they put on an incredible performance, but PVRIS also has a killer light show that will leave you in awe. If you haven’t had a chance to see them live, be sure to catch them soon. I highly recommend it!