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Smile Your Way Through Jeweler’s Shoegazey “Don’t Cry For Me” Music Video [Premiere]



If you follow the pattern of Tiny Circles, it’ll lead you all the way to the dreamy shoegaze of Minneapolis’ Jeweler. The quintet is proud to release their new music video for “Don’t Cry For Me,” a tune you’ll find on their debut full-length Tiny Circles, released on June 11th. Just like the song, the video lands somewhere on the trippy side, a three-minute animated feature that’ll get you thinking with regards to what it all means.

Sonically, “Don’t Cry For Me” may remind you of the golden era of classic alternative rock, the days when Pixies were carving out their niche as the preeminent alternative band. Now composed of five members, Jeweler began as the bedroom studio project of frontman Michael Voller. Not just a brilliant musical mind, Voller is, believe it or not, a rocket scientist who went to college for Aerospace Engineering. He formed a band in his spare time, which started him on this musical adventure that continues to evolve.

Speaking on the video, Voller said, “Here is our debut music video for ‘Don’t Cry For me’ that our friend Blue Banana Lab put together. We love how it turned out, the animation has a sense of fun and humour. At first glance, the story doesn’t seem to make much sense but all of the visuals tie in quite nicely to the themes explored on our album Tiny Circles which this song belongs to. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

Thematically, Tiny Circles is a rumination on the recurring aspects of one’s individual reality. These patterns dominate our everyday lives, and it is only through gaining an awareness of these behaviours that we have the opportunity to liberate ourselves from them. In writing these songs that compose the album, Voller became very close with them, to the point where they became a part of his inner being. He eventually reached a point where although the songs are near and dear to him, he is ready to exorcise them and move on. Every track was built from the ground up from little loops, aka tiny circles, that Voller laid out as building blocks for songwriting as he fleshed the album out. Voller views them as circles within circles, songs with shared imagery that come together to form a whole. The individual tracks share certain imagery, tied together in a metaphorical physical sense that is unconstrained by time.

Every ending is a new beginning, a philosophy that drives Jewelers forward in their quest for musical excellence.

Artwork for ‘Tiny Circles’ by Jeweler