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Napoleon – “Can’t Forget” [Free Song Download]



This certainly is not a song and a band that you will soon forget… Not with big, testosterone-filled, breakneck speed riffs like this. Alternative punk band Napoleon recently released their latest single, “Can’t Forget,” which shows what happens when four men with seamless musical chemistry get together under one roof and crank their amps.

The song is intense, loud, and adrenaline-filled, the centrepiece track off of their newest EP, Enemy Within, released last month. It’s representative of how far the band has come in the slightly over three-year span in which they have been playing together. Their progress is also embodied in the super fans who they have reeled in with their trademark sound, including Luke Bentham of The Dirty Nil who sings on the Napoleon single “Amends,” as well as Shane Told of Silverstein and Corbin Giroux of Rarity, who both make appearances on Enemy Within.

Well, well, well… a free high-quality MP3 download you say? Sure! Grab it right here!

Commenting on the song, Jon Elmaleh said, “‘Can’t Forget’ was the first song I wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic, right as it was beginning, I had all this energy stored that I just needed to get out, and I think you can really hear that in the track!”

Being collaborative is something that Napoleon excels at, with them striking up a collaborative framework with Cancer Bats guitarist Scott Middleton early last year. At that time, they signed a new management deal, which has included Middleton lending his production talents to each song they have released since early last year. Mainstays of Canadian rock and punk have been quick to support the band, with Single Mothers, the aforementioned Cancer Bats, Indian Handcrafts, and Michael Graves of The Misfits all lending a helping hand in the developmental process. It’s helped Napoleon develop and evolve beyond where most bands would be after three years together. There’s plenty to like here, and certainly an act to watch as we transition back to live music venues being reopened.

Enemy Within Track Listing:

1. The Darkest Part of Me
2. I Better Run (feat. Shane Told)
3. Can’t Forget
4. Carve Another Scar (feat. Corbin Giroux)
5. Walk Away

Artwork for ‘Enemy Within’ by Napoleon