When it comes down to what others think or feel about you, it all comes down to you, and The Desert Island Big Band wants to remind you of this with their brand new lyric video for “Here, Then Gone.” Whether it’s preferred or not, we are ultimately judged by our words and our actions, so do yourself a favour and put on a happy face! More than anything, surround yourself with good people and life will be better.

This is the latest single from the Ottawa, Ontario collective, whom we have been keen supporters of, helping to premiere their music videos for “Yellow” and “Downer.” “Here, Then Gone” has a light, alternative folksy tone, a song that reflects on personal affirmation, and what that means in modern society.

With some reflections on the new single, band leader Stefan Jurewicz said, “‘Here, Then Gone’ is the first song from what I call the Lemon Trilogy. It was sparked after I wrote the line ‘who you are ain’t how you feel, but rather who you know,’ as a reflection on individuality. The idea being that while they can’t change what kind of person you are, your peers ultimately decide your reputation. You could be at your worst, but if everyone around you only sees the smile on your face that’s who you’re going to be, and vice versa. It’s really just another take on ‘actions speak louder than words,’ a topic I’ve returned to quite a few times. As the rest of the song fleshed out the focus shifted towards our need for validation, and with the advent of social media how fleeting that validation can be.”

“Here, Then Gone” is an accurate reflection of the sound and musical style that Jurewicz strives for with The Desert Island Big Band. He favours no one style over another, instead choosing to be unconstrained by stylistic limitations. A previous member of Ottawa area groups such as Onionface, All Day Breakfast, and Siberian Breaks, Jurewicz is primarily a music producer and audio engineer. It’s from all of his previous collaborations and production work that he has derived his approach to the Desert Island Big Band, where a confluence of influences can join together and spark some major creativity.

Jurewicz is the best type of musician, an instinctual one who lets the music transport him to far-off places he never thought he would ever visit.

Artwork for ‘Here, Then Gone’ by The Desert Island Big Band