Illinois-based indie alternative collective, Nature’s Neighbor, is back again with a new single, “Other Side of Town” released on April 30, that holds a unique place in the group’s heart. The single follows a series of successful releases like their last single “Perch Privileges” which was released in early April. Ending up as the final track on their upcoming album, “Other Side of Town” was the song that started everything for the group on the creation cycle for Otherside, out May 15.

Written in April of 2020, much of that band, and the rest of the world, was feeling burnt out and uninspired thanks to the growing seriousness of the global pandemic, but when Terril Mast texted Mike Walker saying he had written a song that needed to be recorded, one single quickly turned into three songs, then five, seven, nine, and eventually a twelve-track record. With a chorus that repeats “take a step, watch your neck cause this may be your last sunrise” the band draws on the growing feeling at the time that stepping out of the house during the height of the pandemic was putting yourself directly in harm’s way.

The group uses their versatility to create an ominous-sounding record that builds in intensity as it progresses. In spite of “the looming danger, the song also expresses the desire to travel far and see the world for what it is in all of its glory.” With “Other Side of Town,” Nature’s Neighbor leaves us with the desire to explore the unknown, and the need to travel and explore as far and wide as our legs will let us.

Nature’s Neighbor was formed in 2010 by Mike Walker, Daniel Lee (You Folk), and Mike Nardone while they completed their studies at Columbia College Chicago and were all living in Lincoln Park under the same roof. In the fall of that year, they began writing and recording songs at home for their debut album, You Me And The People, which took about 13 months to produce before its release in November of 2011. By that time, the group had all moved out of the Lincoln Park house and were living in separate parts of Illinois. This, combined with the ability to use the internet as a meeting ground for their ideas and contributions, made them rethink the notion of Nature’s Neighbor being more of a collective rather than a standard band with fixed members.

Cover art for “Otherside of Town” by Nature’s Neighbor

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