Now, this is what being edgy is all about… Lucust French and his brand new band, LAZER BEAM, have made quite a grand entrance with their self-titled debut album, just released on April 9th, via LCF Records. The desert party group, cultivated in the blinding Arizona sun, is a stoner rocker’s delight, propelled on by the legacies of Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Devo, and Arctic Monkeys.

Along with a stream of all ten tracks contained on the record, we are offering you a free download of “Sno Burn,” a scorching riff-oriented rocker that’s one of the most purely desert rocking songs on the album. You won’t hear any two tracks that are overly similar on Lazer Beam’s debut, with each plowing through the spectrum of desert rock with unrivalled style and precision.

With some words on the new single and the band itself, French said, “‘Sno-Burn’ was released a few weeks ago as our second single. It’s about having a great life and letting that little devil on your shoulder help you self-destruct and start from the bottom again. Why do we have the urge to destroy ourselves when successful? The band was formed quite recently and I found another Jerome local that was equally inspired to make music. Carly Jane, another local also stepped up and started playing bass after watching the first few practices. We’ve tried to show our grunge edge, with a sound as thick as the Seattle air.”

As the leader of Lazer Beam, French has set out to create a heavy and somewhat unconventional group that values originality above all else. Previously a member of Burn Thee Insects, a band French formed with his father Mitch in 2015, Lazer Beam’s sound and recording process are both unique and unorthodox. Instead of recording in a typical recording studio, French decided to record the album’s songs outside and on the move, put onto tape in places such as Prescott National Forest, East Maricopa County, and many other outdoor locations. Just how does he go about accomplishing this task? Well, thanks to a generator, and the creativity of close friend and producer Chris Hughes (Burn Thee Insects, KOOK, Phantom Hound).

There’s very little that is commonplace about French and Lazer Beam, and in an age of copycat rock n’ roll, that’s a very good thing.

Artwork for ‘Self-Titled’ by Lazer Beam

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