The apocalypse is coming, or some may argue is already here, so you may as well enjoy it, right? Here to help in that department is Spam Javelin, the sub-hardcore punk trio that just released their new album, The Three Chords of The Apocalypse, last month, via Link2Wales Records.

The band had been patiently waiting to release this latest batch of killer tunes, with the porous government response to the COVID-19 pandemic serving as just the right inspiration for this new record. They began recording it last March, just before the pandemic began, which changed the way they approached the writing and recording process. The result is a brutal collection of songs, with just the right amount of aggression for you to help take that frustration out of your day. The members of Spam Javelin are punk rock purists, approaching the genre just as its innovators like The Dead Kennedys and DOA did.

If it all feels a little overwhelming, and even a little apocalyptic, well Spam Javelin has come through with a special playlist to help channel that rage. Featuring some punk rock legends, as well as some more recent, up-and-coming acts, Spam Javelin presents to you “Ten Songs to Soundtrack an Impending Apocalypse.”

1. Dead Kennedys – “Saturday Night Holocaust” (Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death, 1987)

“Possibly my favourite song by my favourite band. This is Dead Kennedys at their most powerful best. In every respect! Sound, riffs and lyrics. A song about a dystopian future, and although written in the early eighties, the Dead Kennedys’ future is fast becoming our reality.”

2. Warwound – “Note To Self” (WWIII, 2020)

“On the posthumous album WWIII released at the start of the apocalypse in 2020, Warwound scream, ‘No room for manoeuvre / There’s no room to grow / Overpopulated with nowhere to go.’”

3. Anti-Nowhere League – “World War III” (We Are… The League, 1982)

“And talking of WWIII, let’s roll out ‘World War III’ with the ANWL and burn all the rubbish of society. It’s almost glorifying our impending doom… Yeah!!!”

4. Antisect – “Welcome To The New Dark Ages” (The Rising of The Lights, 2017)

“On Rise Above Records, Antisect don’t make records often but when they do you can’t help but stand up and listen in awe. The album The Rising of The Lights is the true soundtrack of the apocalypse.”

5. The Exploited – “The Troops of Tomorrow” (Troops of Tomorrow, 1982)

“If you’re going to cover a song, then it should be done with style, and this is so good, so doom laden that the original by The Vibrators pales into insignificance. The Exploited’s finest moment, and so good they named their second album after it.”

6. Subhumans – “Never Ending War Song” (Internal Riot, 2017)

“From their 2019 album Internal Riot, they smash out a nine minute blast, telling you like it is.”

7. Killing Joke – “The Death & Resurrection Show” (Killing Joke, 2003)

“The soothsayers of Armageddon, Killing Joke smash it out of the park with the opening song on their eponymous 2003 album… ‘Ezikiel’s chariots streak across the skies’… brilliant.”

8. Drunken Marskman – “Dance To The Apocalypse” (Decline of Mankind, 2019)

“South Wales punks offer up this excellent title track to their album released in 2019 to celebrate the end of mankind.”

9. Social Experiment – “Rumours Of Our Demise Are Not Greatly Exaggerated” (Rumours Of Our Demise Are Not Greatly Exaggerated, 2018)

“Neighbours of Drunken Marksman and just as angry. Released in 2018, this (again) title track grabs you by the throat and makes you realize that rumours of our demise are not greatly exaggerated.”

10. Overload – “The Future Is Over” (Gutteral, 2019)

“Just in case you need reminding that the future is over, Overload are here to tell you the future is indeed over. The track opens side two on their 2019 10″ EP Gutteral and is fucking superb.”

Artwork for ‘The Three Chords of The Apocalypse’ by Spam Javelin

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