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RUMBLE – “U Can’t Hide” (Feat. Blackout Ja) [Free Song Download]



It’s time to RUMBLE with the high octane, reggae dancehall beats of “U Can’t Hide,” featuring the power and force of Blackout Ja. This is an epic collaboration between two well-respected fixtures of their respective music scene, Blackout Ja, a prominent figure of the dancehall scene, and RUMBLE, an influential production team with experience working with artists from across the musical spectrum.

The release of “U Can’t Hide”—which we’re totally stoked to be offering as a free MP3 download—comes in anticipation of RUMBLE’s debut record Round, which will drop on May 14th, via Chinese Man Records. The single features an energetic, bouncy vibe, perfect to help you transition into that summer state of mind and being. As a song, its intention is to celebrate the power of music and its effect on our lives. Music helps bring relevance to our lives, and “U Can’t Hide” is out to acknowledge that.

Round itself is a celebration of life and music. In classifying the album, RUMBLE said, “This project is all about diversity, with every track capturing a different sound, and celebrating different styles of music all within one big melting pot!”

Featuring the production team of LeYan and TomaPam, along with Skoob Le Roi and SLY, RUMBLE has musical diversity and versatility on their side. Round is a musical mixture of sounds and samples from all different eras of music. From dancehall to vintage hip-hop, to boom bap, to bass music, to trip-hop, this is one great big musical menagerie. The only real objective with RUMBLE is to find the ideal sound, no matter what route they take to get there. This has led to many collaborations from artists around the world, which has opened the group members up to even more sounds and styles. Their musical diversity is really emphasized in their live show, which is a whirlwind of sound and production which has been sorely missed this past year.

The time off the road has at least afforded the members of RUMBLE the time to expand their sonic landscape even further, and it’s all on display on “U Can’t Hide” and throughout the entirety of Round.

Artwork for “U Can’t Hide” by RUMBLE

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