On their Century Media debut, Tortured Whole (read our full album review here), Columbus, Ohio gore/death metal troop Sanguisugabogg push the boundaries of gore metal (and taste) to the very limit. Admitting that some of their lyrical content is too extreme even for the movies, we had to sit down with the band to find out the inspiration behind the filth-drenched gore of tracks like “Dead as Shit” and “Gored In The Chest.”

After much deliberation from the gore fiends, guitarist Cameron Boggs and vocalist Devin Swank agreed on ten of their favourite movie kill scenes.

10. Kill List – The Librarian Kill

Cameron: “This movie really surprised me in how much I loved it. It starts off a little slow, but once they start goin’, they’re goin’. There is a scene where Jay and Gal go to kill this snuff film librarian that organizes films for a super fucked up guy. They have the man tied up and Jay breaks his fingers, hammers his knee caps, and then puts his head, side down, on the table and very gruesomely hammers the fuck outta his head. It’s super hard to watch but 10/10 for killing a rape film librarian.”

9. Zombie aka Zombi 2 – Eye Splinter

Devin: “Oh ma’eye God! The descriptions for these scenes are just going to get cornea and cornea. As a sucker for practical effects and movies regarding the reanimated dead, how can I not mention this scene in particular? Legendary Italian Director Lucio Fulci is a cinematic genius for this scene. I still get the same chills watching this that I did when I saw it for the first time; the way the wood enters the woman’s eye like jelly and then snaps off sends goosebumps everywhere. One of my all-time favorite kills and it’s way ahead of its time and so original!”

8. Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives – RV Flip

Cameron: “This is probably my favorite Jason movie overall. Jason just looks badass in it and there are a ton of insane kills in it. My favorite is the RV scene where the couple is driving away from a sketchy scene and Jason is hidden in the bathroom. Jason grabs the girl into the bathroom and smashes her face into the metal while her boyfriend is crankin’ some sick hair metal jam. While his girlfriend is getting killed he yells back and says “What’re you doin’ takin’ a shit?!” And then gets stabbed in the side of the head causing the RV to flip. After a pretty gnarly flip scene Jason just throws the door off the RV and climbs out like an absolute BADASS.”

7. Intruder – Bandsaw

Devin: “The first time I ever remember seeing this scene was as a gif on Tumblr. It looks so real still until this day and I still feel bad for the victim. The way the victim goes from screaming hysterically to the saw going through half of his face you can see that it’s through a dummy but still the scene holds up so well!”

6. Terrifier – Hacksaw Scene

Cameron: “I am definitely one of those people that love a good clown horror movie. Terrifier was pretty great and disturbing for sure. Art the Clown is just so fucking disturbing with his appearance and his silence. By far, one of the most gruesome kills I’ve seen recently is when he has Dawn tied upside down while her friend Tara watches him saw her in half with a hacksaw.”

5. The Thing – Blood Test

Devin: “When MacReady tests the blood of the remaining colleagues; Palmer accepting his fate changes into an alien and breaks free constructing absolute carnage on everything in sight. From Palmer’s transformation and then opening his face and wrapping his tongue around Windows’ neck and eating him to being set on fire by the flamethrower and still moving unfazed. It was a scene that made me sleep with a light on as a kid.”

Artwork for ‘Tortured Whole’ by Sanguisugabogg

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master – Debbie’s Death

Cameron: “I love the Freddy movies so fucking much and this is my favorite movie and specifically my favorite Freddy kill at all. Freddy is spotting her doing benches and drops the bar down on Debbie breaking her arms at the elbow, then her arms fall off. Freddy starts to turn her into a bug with cockroach arms growing out where her arms fell off and she gets stuck on the glue trap to die. So fucking sick and definitely the most creative Freddy kill.”

3. Human Centipede 2: Baby Stomp

Devin: “One of the most disturbing scenes I have ever watched and it happens pretty early on in the film. You think for a second there’s no way a movie will take this far (obviously there’s more way out there and borderline snuff i.e. A Serbian Film) but for a movie to have some sort of following and being widely available they definitely took the shock value up a bunch of notches. While Martin tries to take a naked pregnant woman as his victim she tries escaping by car and the stress induces labor causing her to give birth but while she tries to floor her foot with all her might stomps on the newborn infant. It’s a scene that will definitely turn some stomachs.”

2. Jason X – Slushy Kill

Cameron: “Ok ok, we all know this is definitely the stupidest Jason movie. I love them all, and I even do love this one, but it’s basically the St. Anger of horror movies. Anyways, it does have a few crazy kills in it. My favorite Jason kill ever is him waking up in fuckin’ space and he’s like “ok let’s fuck this shit up” and he grabs the chick that is running tests on him and shoves her face into liquid nitrogen and freezes her mid-scream. He pulls her head out and smashes it into a slushy on the table. It is just so outrageous that it’s become my favorite Jason moment by far.”

1. I Spit On Your Grave (2010) – Jennifer’s Final Kill

Devin: “Not only is this movie a constant pattern of being hard to watch and holy shit but the fact that it’s a never-ending fest of sick twisted rapist fucks getting the shit whipped out of them and tortured. Talk about one hell of a ride. The final kill she finally gets back at the redneck who cultivated her rape and removes his teeth and then castrates him feeding him his crank. He dies slowly and painfully of blood lost moments before the Sheriff in the story is shot in the anus by a contraption she strung up. From the first time I saw, it that scene has been in my mind on repeat!”

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